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Do you know ice hockey? | Ice Hockey | Winter Olympics | Winter Olympics_ Sina News

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Original title: Do you know ice hockey?

Source: CCTV


  CCTV News: Fast sliding, reasonable collision, blocking and fighting, and suffocating fierce confrontation. After listening to these keywords, which Winter Olympics event do you think of? Yes, ice hockey. Today (November 21), our Winter Olympics “cold” knowledge explainers-Bingdundun and Xue Rongrong will introduce the sport of “ice hockey” to everyone. After all, this small ice hockey with a diameter of only 7.62 cm, after all How did it attract the attention of the world?

Learn about “Cold” Knowledge of Winter Olympics!

Ice hockey originated in Canada and is a traditional event of the Winter Olympics. It has the dual attributes of ice sports and ball sports.

The ice hockey event of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics consists of men’s ice hockey and women’s ice hockey.

  Two gold medals in ice hockey at the Beijing Winter Olympics

The venue for the Winter Olympics is 60 meters long and 26 meters wide. There are boundary walls, protective glass and protective nets around the ice rink. There are two player seats, 2 penalty seats and 1 record seat.

According to the direction of attack, the two blue lines running through the ice divide the ice rink into three areas: the defensive zone, the central zone, and the offensive zone. There are 9 faceoff points and 5 faceoff circles in the arena. All faceoffs in the game are executed on these 9 faceoff points, and the kickoff point of the game is executed at the center faceoff point.

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  Each team has a maximum of six players in the ice hockey game

A maximum of 20 players and 2 goalkeepers can participate in the ice hockey game. During the game, each team can have up to 6 players on the field at the same time. The corresponding 6 positions are: left winger, center forward, right winger, left back, right back and goalkeeper.

In an ice hockey game, players slide on ice skates and try to shoot the ice puck into the opponent’s goal.

Players need to wear professional protective equipment during the game, including helmets, goggles, neck protectors, chest protectors, elbow pads, drop pants, knee pads, leg protectors, gloves and uniform uniforms.

Female players and players under the age of 18 need to wear full face shields, and players under the age of 20 must wear mouth guards.

The goalkeeper has special equipment to avoid sports injuries. The goalkeeper can wear a helmet with a different color from the player.

  The four-man referee system used in the Winter Olympics ice hockey competition

The Winter Olympics ice hockey game adopts a four-man referee system, with two referees and two sideline referees.

Referees wear black helmets, black-and-white striped shirts, black pants, and whistle in hand. Only referees wearing red armbands can judge goals and fouls. Sideline referees can only judge offside, dead ball or stop the game. .

Men’s ice hockey matches allow reasonable physical collisions, and women’s ice hockey matches do not allow physical collisions.

Each Winter Olympics ice hockey game is divided into 3 games, each 20 minutes, 15 minutes rest between the games, according to the International Ice Federation sports regulations, at the end of the 60-minute regular game time, if the two teams have the same score, the game will be played for 5 minutes and 10 minutes. Minutes or 20 minutes of overtime.

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Overtime uses the “sudden victory method”, and the team that scores first wins.

The men’s ice hockey matches of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will be mainly held in the National Stadium, and the women’s ice hockey matches will be mainly held in the Wukesong Sports Center.

Let us look forward to the wonderful ice hockey game together.


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