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Dragoni and Cantiello sink the promoted Bressana Casteggio

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Dragoni and Cantiello sink the promoted Bressana Casteggio

Gialloblu in the 16th with the 3-0 to the orange already eliminated The balance is broken at 45 ‘, then the other 2 goals of safety


The Casteggio centered the access to the round of 32 of the Italian Cup, thanks to the 3-0 trimmed at Bressana (already eliminated), signed by Dragoni and the wild Cantiello, author of a brace. Mister Pagano keeps some players at rest, while Bressana opts for a massive turnover.

Despite the many absent, the orange approach the match with resourcefulness. Between 1 ‘and 4’, the center forward Lamaj, of imposing size, calls Grosso at the first saves. At 13 ‘, Bressana protests for a contact between Guidi and Cellari in the Casteggiana area, but the referee flies over. After a start at a small trot, the Casteggio is shaken in the 19 ‘, with Arbasini who, on a corner by Rebollini, deflects on the fly and finds an excellent response from Cazzola; then we try Dragoni, who concludes a little to the side. At 22 ‘, Casteggio complains about Galu’s intervention on Cantiello, but the referee does not see the details for the penalty. The game is enjoyable, with Bressana not at all submissive. At 27 ‘, Torti, with a cross shot from the left, solicits Grosso’s reflexes. Dangerous casteggio at 30 ‘, with Di Placido’s head shot high by a breath. The hosts raise the pace. At 37 ‘, Cazzola, outgoing, blocks Carotenuto launched on the net. Casteggio close to scoring in the 38th minute, with a pearl from Rebollini, who performs in a dribbling and shooting from distance that is printed on the post. Bressana raises his head in the 44th minute, with an attempt by Lamaj from 20 meters, which splinters the post. At the end of time, the Casteggio unlocks the contest. On Rebollini’s corner, Dragoni anticipates everyone and heads into the net. At 12 ‘of the second half, the Gialloblù doubled with a rapacious paw from Cantiello, who scored after a throw-in from the right. Cantiello is repeated with a similar dynamic at 14 ‘and a winning header, always born from a throw-in by Arbasini. The 3-0 virtually closes the match. Casteggio controls the advantage and goes on the net with Rebollini, pinched however on the off side. In Bressana, Mezzio worries the Gialloblù defense in a couple of circumstances, but Grosso keeps the clean sheet. –

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