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England usher in the era of true happiness, the German team wave Belev-Xinhua English.news.cn

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This victory that reversed the record of rivals in football was actually foreshadowed as early as the 2018 World Cup and the group stage of this tournament.

Xinhua News Agency, Canberra, June 30th. Title: England ushered in a real happy era of the German team waving Belov

Xinhua News Agency reporter Yue Dongxing Bai Xu

When “Youth Storm” became synonymous with opponents, when the three-center defender system was thoroughly studied by opponents, and when “Happy Boy” Sterling grew into a “veteran” who was no longer frizzy, the German team had to use a tragic defeat to create brilliance. The ten-year coach Loew bid farewell…and the England team, which was regarded as a joke in the last European Championship, used a long-awaited victory to open a qualitatively strong team in their football mecca Wembley. New era.

When coach Southgate made the 19-year-old Arsenal winger Saka, the 22-year-old defensive midfielder Rice, and the 25-year-old technical midfielder Phillips start together, he was already under a lot of pressure because of the substitute. There are also a group of rising stars such as Foden and Mount who broke into the Champions League final last month in their early 20s. Once he loses, his employment will inevitably be questioned by the outside world.

However, compared with the German team, the England team, which has honed the three-center back system in the World Cup in Russia and reached the semi-finals, is obviously more adapted to this set of technical and tactical play. The wingbacks Trippier and Luke Shaw can switch offense and defense freely on the wingbacks. The three central defenders led by veteran Maguire have both tenacity and tacit understanding. The frontcourt players spare no effort to attack the opponent’s hinterland And interspersed. This makes the “Three Lions” not only have levels and thickness in the midfield, but also have more impact in the frontcourt.

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When Villa captain Glarish, who came on the bench, used excellent organization and accurate passing to become the key to the game, 26-year-old Sterling, who has become a veteran of the team, finally proved it with a calm push in the competition. Has its own value. Subsequently, Kane, who was once regarded as the only world-class star in the team, used an English-style striker to lie down and head the ball to the rare 40,000 home team fans under the epidemic. Lions’ first victory over the German team in the knockout stage of the World Series. His passionate shout also seemed to announce the moment when the England team became a strong team.

This victory that reversed the record of rivals in football was actually foreshadowed as early as the 2018 World Cup and the group stage of this tournament. After leaving Russia sadly 3 years ago, Loew led the German team to fight the popular “three center back + two wing back” formation in this European Championship. In addition to playing a good goal against the Portuguese team, their performance did not meet the expectations of the outside world.

In retrospect, except for the three central defenders Rudiger, Hummels and Gunter who have problems with unclear position and lack of protection, the German team’s offense lacks speed change, offensive intensity and impact compared to the peak. The zone has less inspiration to break the dense defense, so that they no longer have the dominance of the game in the past, and they also lack the calmness and the strong desire and belief in the players’ eyes to win when they won the world championship.

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On the other hand, the “Three Lions” won two U20 and U17 World Cup titles in 2017. In 2018, they stood at the new starting point of the World Cup semi-finals. In this year’s Champions League final, a group of new stars have become the main players of Manchester City and Chelsea… With the integration of “fresh blood” and the accumulation of experience in competitions, English football, which has a solid foundation in league and youth training, is embarking on a virtuous circle of overall rise, and their “happiness” will no longer be a joke in football.

For Love, 15 years of coaching, he has had a sense of accomplishment in creating a highly admirable offensive football, has had the glory of being on the World Cup championship podium, and has had a passionate moment of sweeping almost all the world‘s strong teams… …His brilliance has been recorded in the history of the German team, but it is a pity that the hard work of the last competition failed to draw a successful conclusion.

Football is cruel. If Mueller and Werner can seize their respective opportunities, perhaps the football headlines this morning will be “Loew has completed the redemption.”

But this is also the charm of football. At every moment of determining the victory or defeat, the unpredictable trajectory of football, due to the control of the player’s mentality, experience and technology, interprets the dramatic change of the extreme mood like heaven and hell that follows.

Goodbye, Mueller, Hummels, Kroos… This may be their curtain call at the European Championship, but they have left behind a glorious decade of “Germany fans are the happiest fans”. And German football with strong roots also began the era of new coach Flick.

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