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FC Bayern Munich Julian Nagelsmann: “The sting from back then is still deep”

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FC Bayern Munich Julian Nagelsmann: “The sting from back then is still deep”

FC Bayern Munich Nagelsmann remains national coach

“You noticed that the sting from back then is still deep”

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Julian Nagelsmann was released from Bayern in March 2023. The wound doesn’t seem to have healed yet

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Julian Nagelsmann has decided for the DFB and against FC Bayern. Munich’s sports director Max Eberl explains why the national coach decided against his former club and clears up rumors about Zinedine Zidane

Uli Hoeneß regretted that national coach Julian Nagelsmann decided to extend his contract with the German Football Association (DFB) and not return to FC Bayern Munich. “I think it’s a shame, but the world won’t end at FC Bayern because of it,” said Hoeneß on “BR24 Sport”.

Nagelsmann was also seen in Munich as a hot candidate to succeed Thomas Tuchel, who will leave the German record champions at the end of the season. “This is a decision that you have to respect,” said Hoeneß about Nagelsmann’s commitment to the DFB.

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When asked about the type of coach who should take over FC Bayern, club patron Hoeneß referred to sports director Max Eberl and sports director Christoph Freund. “This is not my task. You have to ask them both, they are responsible for sport,” said Hoeneß.

And before Bayern’s game at 1. FC Union Berlin (click here for the live ticker), Eberl commented on the current status of the coaching search and Nagelsmann’s decision in favor of the DFB and against a return to Munich. “You noticed that the sting from back then is still deep. The separation was still fresh. From his perspective, that would have been too early, we accept that,” said Eberl on Sky.

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Nagelsmann was released from Bayern last spring, even though he still had the chance to win three titles with the team. Since his contract extension with the DFB, it has been clear that Nagelsmann will not be Tuchel’s successor. Eberl also indirectly ended the speculation about Zinedine Zidane. The Frenchman will also not sit on the Bayern bench next season.

FC Bayern had no contact with Zinedine Zidane

“The new coach doesn’t have to speak German, but he should speak English. “I don’t know if Zinedine Zidane speaks English,” said Eberl, indirectly confirming that he had no contact with the 1998 world champion.

Nevertheless, according to Eberl, Bayern are very advanced in their search for a coach: “Ideally we would like to have a new coach at the end of April, we are now very, very final and will hopefully announce something soon.” Bayern is a big club, you can tell that too every conversation: “It’s a constellation that the team has been together for a long time. We therefore want to change the squad a bit. For the coach, this is an opportunity to change things.

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