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“FireWire” coaching change ushered in “new life” relegation journey, Wuhan team is climbing in big strides

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In spite of the emergency of the “head coach raising the national team” one week before the team’s “relegation battle”, Wuhan Football Club ushered in a new life after the change of coaching in the line of fire. The former assistant coach Li Jinyu led the team to the Suzhou Division and achieved the “best record” of 2 wins and 1 tie in the first three rounds of the “relegation group”. The Wuhan team’s relegation situation this year has been optimistic about the outside world. Once the Wuhan team succeeds in relegation, then Wuhan will also successfully usher in the excellent situation of “one city, three super leagues” next season.

Li Xiaopeng raises the national football team

Assistant coach Li Jinyu is in danger

On December 3, the Chinese Football Association issued an official announcement, agreeing to the resignation request of the former national team coach Li Tie, and at the same time announcing that Wuhan team coach Li Xiaopeng will be the new head coach of the national team. At the same time, Wuhan Football Club supports the Chinese Football Association’s decision on the one hand, and on the other hand, it has also begun to study and decide on a new head coach. In the end, for the stability of the team, the club decided to let Li Jinyu take over the coaching position and lead the team to relegation.

Like Li Tie and Li Xiaopeng, Li Jinyu was also selected for the Chinese national team during his playing career. As a forward, he represented the Chinese national team in 73 appearances in various international competitions and scored 26 goals. In addition, Li Jinyu has also won the Chinese Super League Championship, the Football Association Cup Championship and the Chinese Super League “Golden Boot” honors. He is also the first player in the history of the Chinese Football League to score 100 goals.

Li Jinyu came to the Wuhan club with Li Xiaopeng at the beginning of this year as an assistant coach. However, in the first stage of the Chinese Super League this year, the Wuhan team had a particularly difficult run, and it was too late to win. 14 league games, until the 13th round did not usher in the first win of the season. In the end, after the end of the first stage, the Wuhan team entered the “relegation group” with a record of 1 win, 8 draws, 5 losses and 11 points.

It should be said that from the Wuhan club’s re-selection of coaches at the beginning of this year to the vigorous introduction of players, this team that nearly survived last season is full of ambitions for the new season of the Super League, but unfortunately it is due to various reasons. , Their record in the first stage of the Super League was unsatisfactory, and finally embarked on a “relegation journey” again.

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A change of coach is like a two-game winning streak

Wuhan team scored nine goals

On December 3, Li Xiaopeng officially resigned from the position of head coach of the Wuhan team and became the new head coach of the Chinese national men’s football team; on December 4, Wuhan Football Club announced that the former assistant coach Li Jinyu would become the head coach of the Wuhan team and lead the team. Participate in the next “relegation battle”; on December 9, all soldiers of the Wuhan team went to Suzhou to start the final preparations; on December 12, the Wuhan team ushered in the challenge of the Cangzhou Lions in the first contest of the “relegation group” …From this timeline, it seems difficult for you to look forward to the next “relegation journey” of the Wuhan team. After all, before taking over the Wuhan team, Li Jinyu had almost no experience in coaching the Super League. He was temporarily appointed to Shijiazhuang in the 2016 season. When Yongchang was the head coach, the team’s record was only 4 wins, 4 draws and 5 losses. What’s interesting is that Li Jinyu led the Wuhan team’s first relegation battle, which turned out to be against the former Shijiazhuang Yongchang.

As we all know, due to the neutral name reform of the Chinese Football Association, Wuhan Zall was changed to Wuhan team, and Shijiazhuang Yongchang was changed to Cangzhou Lions. In fact, last season, the two teams had a life-and-death battle in the “relegation group”. In the end, the Wuhan team defeated Shijiazhuang Yongchang with a 2:1 score in the two rounds and won the relegation playoffs for themselves. The first line of life.

After a year’s rematch, the Wuhan team no longer has Evra, who used to be a two-dollar player. Of the only two foreign aids, only Lopez is in good health. After the start of the game, the Cangzhou Lions clearly entered the state faster. In the 18th minute, Oscar of the Cangzhou team took the lead with his outstanding personal ability.

The unfavorable start did not cause the Wuhan team’s mood swings. The whole team still competed bit by bit for possession of the scene in accordance with the established tactics. In the 27th minute, the Wuhan team got a corner kick. Yang Boyu jumped up and scored the goal to equalize the score. In the 40th minute, Huang Zichang, who joined the Wuhan team this season, showed his power. He drove straight in from the wing. After breaking into the penalty area, he was tripped by the Cangzhou team defender. Lopez made a penalty kick. The Wuhan team led the score to 2 before the end of the first half: 1.

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Unwilling to show weakness, the Cangzhou Lions also used a corner kick to equalize the score in the 50th minute. At the critical moment, Lopez regained his power. In the 59th minute, he took Hao Junmin straight forward, swung the ball past the goalkeeper and shot the ball into the empty goal. 3:2, the Wuhan team once again exceeded the score. Four minutes later, the Wuhan team made a comeback. Huang Zichang received a pass from Liu Yun and broke into the penalty area to make another move. 4:2, the Wuhan team secured the victory.

The Wuhan team, which played 13 games in the first stage before ushering in their first victory, can finally be proud this time. They won their first match in the “relegation group” and made a good start for the next contest. Three days later, the Wuhan team ushered in the challenge of the Qingdao team, and this time it was the opponent who scored the first goal. In the 13th minute, the Qingdao team’s foreign aid Alexandrini turned around and fired, blasting the world wave, and the Wuhan team fell behind 0:1.

The Qingdao team’s goal also inspired the Wuhan team’s fighting spirit. In the 28th minute, Huang Zichang staged another breakthrough. The Qingdao team’s defender had to put him down in the penalty area. The referee awarded a penalty kick. Lopez took the penalty for the second consecutive game. The ball hits. In the 37th minute, Yang Boyu made a handball in the penalty area, and Alessandrini made a penalty kick. The Qingdao team ended the first half with a 2:1 lead.

As soon as the second half came up, the Wuhan team began to wind up, first Zhao Honglue tied the score 2:2, and then Liu Yun’s shot led the score to go back 3:2. In the 86th minute, Zhao Honglue scored a single goal and scored twice. Three minutes later, Rafael, who came off the bench, scored. In the end, the Wuhan team defeated the Qingdao team in a 5-2 reversal and won the “two consecutive victories”.

It is worth mentioning that in the 14 games of the first stage, the Wuhan team only scored 11 goals. After Li Jinyu coached, the team seemed to be reborn, scoring 9 goals in the two games, and the attacking power was terrifying. .

End of the first cycle of “Relegation Group”

Wuhan team drew with Chongqing to remain unbeaten

It’s strange to say that the three opponents who tortured the Wuhan team in the “relegation battle” last year were Henan Jianye, Qingdao Huanghai and Shijiazhuang Yongchang. This year, when the “relegation team” came up, the Wuhan team was actually Fight against the above three opponents. After defeating the Cangzhou Lions and Qingdao team one after another, the Wuhan team ushered in the challenge from the Longmen of Songshan, Henan on the evening of December 18.

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This time, it was the opponent who advanced the ball. The Henan team’s foreign aid Kalanga’s goal in the 85th minute almost made them touch the victory, but the Wuhan team fought tenaciously in the last only time. With a corner kick in stoppage time, the substitute Ye Chongqiu grabbed the spot. Shaking his head to attack the goal, causing Kalanga to have an own goal in the penalty area, and the Wuhan team magically equalized the score.

With 3 matches, 2 wins and 1 tie, coach Li Jinyu ushered in the most glorious moment of his coaching career in Wuhan. After the end of the battle, the Wuhan team ranked third in the “relegation group” with 18 points, 7 points ahead of the Tianjin Jinmen Tigers, who ranked second from the bottom (the last two Chinese Super League teams participated in the relegation playoffs). The relegation situation is optimistic.

In the fourth round of the “relegation group” of the 2021 Super League (Suzhou Division) that ended at 17:30 on the 21st, the Wuhan team drew 0:0 with Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic, and maintained 2 wins and 2 ties after the end of the first round. Undefeated, 19 points are still ranked third in the “relegation group”.

Before this battle, the Wuhan team ranked third in the “relegation group” with 18 points, 7 points ahead of the Tianjin team in the promotion and relegation playoffs. The relegation situation is very good. The Chongqing team is only one point ahead of the Tianjin team and is in a position to be overtaken by opponents at any time. Therefore, in the match against the Wuhan team, the Chongqing team is the elite, including the foreign aid Fernandinho who has missed many games. Go into battle.

In the end, due to the excellent performance of the goalkeepers of both sides, this “War of Han and Yu” ended 0:0. In contrast, the leading Wuhan team is more at ease. After all, the fewer games remaining, the greater the probability of their relegation.

After this round, the Super League “relegation group” ended the first round of competition. The Wuhan team, which has undergone a change of coaches from the line of fire, performed well with 2 wins, 2 draws and remained undefeated. On the 25th, the second round of battle began, and the Wuhan team will compete with the Cangzhou Lions for the second time.

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