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Flick: Playing against Belgium can measure the level of the German team and will continue to use the double striker tactic – yqqlm

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Original title: Flick: Playing against Belgium can measure the level of the German team and will continue to use double forward tactics

Live broadcast, March 27th, Beijing time on Wednesday morning, the German team will have a warm-up match with Belgium at home. German coach Flick talked about the previous victory against Peru, the team’s personnel situation, and the measurement significance of playing against Belgium in the pre-match press conference.

– Havertz and Schlotterbeck withdrew from the current national team:

Flick: “Haverts had a fever at one point, so there was no point in trying again. He went straight home to London yesterday. As for Schlotterbeck, we didn’t want to take any risks. His condition is not serious. , he will be back on the pitch in two or three days. That’s what I have learned. It’s a pity that neither of them will be able to play because they were important players for us against Peru.”

– Regarding Correll and Gnabry replacing Schlott Baker and Haverts:

Flick: “In the game against Belgium, Correll will replace Schlotterbeck as a central defender, and Gnabry will replace Havertz in the striker. In other positions, we may also have a change, maybe There are two.”

– About who will play with Kimmich in midfield? And to praise Emre Can:

Flick: “Kimmich will be placed in midfield. Goretzka and Kimmich are already very familiar at the club, but Emre Can is also doing very well, he is a more defensive player. players. So we’re thinking about how we want to line up at that position.”

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– About the full-back Wolf who was selected for the national team for the first time:

Flick: “At least he had a good start. Everyone has been paying attention to his performance as a German international, but he is very focused and always wants to grow further. My dialogue with Terzic is also very positive Yes. Against Peru he showed what he can do in attack and of course in defense. I’m really, really happy that he assisted the second goal against Peru. The key now is that he keeps This state.”

– Regarding the tactics of double strikers and the importance of Werner:

Flick: “We think we will continue to use this formation. Werner has also put in a lot of effort, his running has created a lot of space, and these gaps are what we can use. These are already very good offensively. It has played a good role. As for the defense, the key now is how to assign tasks specifically, and players still need to do better in terms of cooperation.”

– On the victory against Peru:

Flick: “We have taken the first step and started the new year with a victory. But against Belgium, we will now face an opponent of a very different level on the day.”

– Regarding opponents Belgium:

Flick: “They have a new coach, a new mentality. You can see right away that they have great players in their team and they are a very compact team that can defend. The team, of course they are also very convincing in terms of possession and attack.”

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“The goals they scored against Sweden were fantastic. They always find a good solution, even when they are under pressure. Football-wise, they are one of the best teams , so they are a good opponent for us to measure ourselves against.”

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