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Futsal: Napoli wins, but it’s a censorship derby

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Futsal: Napoli wins, but it’s a censorship derby

Harsh condemnation by the leaders of futsal for the vicissitudes of Nocera: “An ugly sports page. It’s not tolerable and you can’t get over it.”

An exciting and pleasant derby, poised until the end, ruined by unfortunate episodes at the sound of the siren, harshly condemned by the top management of the Futsal Division. After the first success of 2023 in the Italian Cup, Napoli Futsal also redeems itself in the league, beat Real San Giuseppe 2-1 in the heartfelt derby of the eighteenth day of the regular season of the Serie A New Energy, consolidating its leadership. In Nocera Inferiore the magic moment of captain Perugino continues, still in the net after the brace this week against Pistoia: by Salas the 2-0, André Santos’ goal reopens the match, nothing more. At the sound of the siren the patatrac, that censorship brawl that is so out of tune with futsal.


“A bad page for our futsal”. The tough position taken by the Futsal Division was not long in coming, which with an official statement totally condemned what happened at the end of the PalaCoscioni derby. “An unfortunate brawl – thundered from Piazzale Flaminio – The Futsal Division intends to take a clear and strong position towards what happened: an episode that has nothing to do with the values ​​that sport in general must convey, least of all the our futsal”. An inevitable hard punch from sports justice is expected. “Awaiting clarification by identifying the culprits – concludes the press release – the Division firmly condemns what happened: certain images are not tolerable and it will not be possible to overlook them”.

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Going back to futsal, Olimpus Roma redeems itself after the slip in the Italian Cup by remaining in the wake of the blue leaders, still five points behind: Marcelinho does everything at the PalaOlgiata, author of a poker in the 4-2 win against Petrarca. Even Came Dosson archives the negative miniseries given by the two stops in a row with Feldi, victorious both in the championship and in the cup: Juan Fran (brace) is still in evidence in the very heavy 4-3 trimmed against breaking latest news in the second empty pass after the ko with Meta in the Italian Cup. In the queue three platinum points for Ciampino Aniene who, thanks to Portuga, beats Pistoia 3-2; three golden points for Monastir: in the middle of the second half, Arzu folds Melilli at the rear and allows Podda’s team to counter-overtake Petrarca in the standings, again third from last.


Waiting for the Sunday postponement, these are the results of the eighteenth day of the regular season of Serie A New Energy: Meta Catania-Fortitudo Pomezia 2-2, 360GG Monastir-Città di Melilli 1-0, Nuova Comauto Pistoia-Ciampino Aniene 2-3, Olimpus Rome-Petrarca 4-2, Real San Giuseppe-Naples Futsal 1-2, Came Dosson-Futsal breaking latest news 4-3, Italservice Pesaro-L84 29/01 (5.30 pm), Sandro Abate-Feldi Eboli postponed. Ranking: Napoli Futsal 42, Olimpus Roma* 37, Feldi Eboli 34 and Came Dosson 34, Futsal breaking latest news 33, Sandro Abate Avellino 31, L84 30, Real San Giuseppe 27, Fortitudo Pomezia 24, Meta Catania 23, Ciampino Aniene 19, Italservice Pesaro 18, 360GG Monastir 16, Petrarca 15, Nuova Comauto Pistoia 8, City of Melilli 4. * 3 penalty points, ** 1 penalty point.

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The solo record of TikiTaka Francavilla lasts only one week. Cely Gaardo’s yellow and reds draw 2-2 in the high-flying derby with breaking latest news and are hooked again by Bitonto, ok 6-3 in Ariano Irpino. Three points according to the script for Audace Verona, who have no problems defeating bottom side Vis Fondi 6-0. Sunday the rest of the sixteenth day.

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