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Garlasco, first victory at the expense of Frigirola

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Garlasco, first victory at the expense of Frigirola

Lomellini immediately ahead with Cepeli and Meneghetti, Attolini and Pedroni also scored for poker. The people of Pavia wake up late


First victory in the league for Roberto Gioia’s Garlasco. The Lomellina team – which in the first two rounds had scored just one point – beat Frigirola last night in the midweek round of the First Category championship. On the pitch the balance lasts only a few minutes: on 5 ‘in fact, Garlasco takes a corner kick with Sambugaro, the ball arrives in the middle of the area where Cepeli heads up 1-0. Frigirola tries to react, but in the 19th minute the game goes through another turning point when the goalkeeper of Frigirola Flommi trips Pira into the penalty area.

The referee assigns the maximum punishment and Meneghetti shows up from the spot who displaces the goalkeeper and bags the 2-0. Garlasco is unleashed, the guests struggle to react: at 29 ‘still an error by the goalkeeper Flommi who badly controls a ball at the edge of his area, Attolini is good at believing it, he presses it and recovers the ball then bagging the 3-0 goal . The race, after half an hour of play, is addressed, but three minutes later, on the development of a corner, Frigirola shortens thanks to a nice header from Pavia.

The guests try to rev up their engine, but the reaction is only worth a few attempts. The game is more balanced, but in the second and last minute of recovery it is Garlasco who score 4-1 thanks to a Pedroni free-kick that brings Garlasco to the interval with a three-goal advantage.

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In the second half the game settles down: Frigirola tries to attack, Garlasco controls and acts as a throw-in with some good counterattacks. Coach Roberto Gioia’s line-up seems to have the game firmly in hand but at 24 ‘a mess of the defense allows Comincini to hit the net for the 4-2 goal. Frigirola, back in the game, tries to believe it and throws herself in a desperate search for the goal that could reopen the game, but the efforts are in vain. The match ends 4-2 and Garlasco wins the first three points, while Frigirola remains at the post. The matches, however, were not all played last night: the midweek round program will end tonight at 20.30 when Athletic Pavia-Siziano and Mottese-Castelnovetto will be staged, the two matches that are still missing. The First category teams will then return to the field at the weekend: on Sunday afternoon the 4th round of the championship is scheduled which, among others, will see the high altitude challenge between Rosatese and Casorate, Garlasco will host the Milanese Academy and Frigirola will go away to the Siziano field.

Classification: Locate points 7; Rosatese, Romano Banco and Siziano 6; Rivanazzanese, Cavese and Lungavilla 5; Garlasco, Casorate and Castelnovetto 4; Vigevano, Athletic Pavia and Albuzzano 3; Frigirola, Mottese and Milanese Academy 0.—

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