Home World Hong Kong’s epidemic control eases: ‘stressed’ SAR government announces resumption of customs clearance with the world – BBC News

Hong Kong’s epidemic control eases: ‘stressed’ SAR government announces resumption of customs clearance with the world – BBC News

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Hong Kong’s epidemic control eases: ‘stressed’ SAR government announces resumption of customs clearance with the world – BBC News
  • Ye Jingsi
  • BBC Chinese correspondent Hong Kong reports

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The Hong Kong business community has recently urged the government to lift the hotel quarantine quarantine on arrival, so as to further restore normalcy.

At the beginning of September, after the number of confirmed cases of the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Hong Kong once again exceeded 10,000 in a single day, the number has continued to fall in recent days. With the voices of various parties, the Hong Kong SAR government finally announced the withdrawal of entry quarantine measures for international and Taiwan, and expanded the measures to facilitate the entry and exit of Hong Kong residents from the mainland and Macau to the whole of China.

The Chief Executive of the Special Administrative Region, Li Jiachao, announced on September 23 that the relevant measures will be implemented from the 26th. He emphasized that this is a decision made after balancing various factors as the number of confirmed diagnoses gradually stabilizes.

Before that, the Financial Secretary of the SAR, Chen Maobo, said that Hong Kong may record a deficit of HK$100 billion (US$12.739 billion; 89.783 billion yuan) this fiscal year, and warned that the Hong Kong economy is on the verge of negative growth in 2022. The business community has also publicly expressed concern about the direction of Hong Kong’s economy.

At a time when the economic pressure is increasing, Professor Yuan Guoyong, chief anti-epidemic adviser of the SAR government, took the lead in writing an article, emphasizing that Hong Kong is “completely qualified” to return to normal, and pointed out the “fact” that the new crown virus disease has become an endemic disease, which indirectly shows that China insists on “dynamic clearing” “The policy is no longer viable in Hong Kong.

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