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Glazer family’s silence in response to takeover questions sparked fury from media fans – yqqlm

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Glazer family’s silence in response to takeover questions sparked fury from media fans – yqqlm

Original title: Glazer family’s silence in response to acquisition questions sparked outrage among media fans

In Manchester United’s 1-2 loss to Manchester City in the FA Cup final, there was another off-field issue that attracted the attention of countless Red Devils fans, and that was the progress of their club sale case.

However, Manchester United co-chairman Avram Glazer, a member of the Glazer family, responded with complete silence when he appeared in the mixed zone.

As well as progress being too slow, the Glazers have almost never had effective media communications about United’s sale, and fears are growing that they won’t actually sell the club.

When Avram Glazer passed through the Wembley mixed zone, Sky Sports reporter Rob Harris asked: “Are you really going to sell Manchester United? Will you accept an offer from Ratcliffe or from Qatar? Quote? Why don’t you talk to the fans? Shouldn’t the fans know what’s going on in this thing?”

Regrettably, however, the only response to him was silence. Avram Glazer just walked forward, striding through a door and away from the reporter’s area, and his handling was widely criticized in various media outlets.

Former Manchester United captain Gary Neville hated the matter the most, saying: “Obviously, the Glazers are not going to announce anything about ownership until the season is fully over. month’s time.”

“They know that if the game is still going on and the end result of the sale process is unpopular, then the protests from the fans will be much worse than they are. Any member of the Glazer family staying here will be disrespected by all Manchester United fans. considered unacceptable. Is that why they procrastinated?”

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In various media reports, it seems that Ratcliffe is more optimistic about defeating rival Sheikh Jassim. Qatar’s offer appears committed to a full takeover of United, while Ratcliffe is willing to let the Glazers retain some of their shares. In addition, the former richest man in Britain was a fan of Manchester United when he was young.

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