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[Game Trial]The new sequel of Century Empire 4 can be played with low configuration-ezone.hk-game animation-e-sports games

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The newly developed “Century Empire 4” was launched. The fans of the series are looking forward to it. The overall performance is satisfactory. They try to add new ideas to the basic strategic system. There are also a large number of additional projects, combining history with entertainment.

  • Age of Empires IV
  • Small improvement of strategic gameplay
  • The new civilization has obvious characteristics

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In recent years, there have been remakes of real-time strategy games. The release of the decisive version of the “Century Empire” series by Microsoft has attracted the attention of fans of the series. The first three episodes have been released separately, but the evaluation of each episode is different. The newly developed “Century Empire 4” this time is full of players’ expectations for the new series. This game provides 8 civilizations, including: England, China, France, Holy Rome, Mongolia, Ross, Sultan of Delhi, and Abbas. It is centered on a total of 40 battles in four different battles, including: the Normans, the Hundred Years War, the Mongol Empire, and the rise of Moscow. Players who are already familiar with the series can directly start the battle. In addition to understanding the improved operating settings of this episode, players who are new to contact can also learn about the basic economic construction, era evolution, and types of the game through independent “teaching” and “art of war”. Respond to other concepts, complete different challenges to obtain mastery items of each civilization, unlock personal file decorations, etc. Additional historical documents and videos will be unlocked between the completion of each battle to help players understand the civilization profile of the real world at that time.

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Each of the eight civilizations in the game has its own characteristics. Mongolia, according to its nomadic culture, is extremely organic and has a good cavalry and slight capture effect. China has the flourishing power of the dynasty at that time, as well as the advantage of gunpowder attacking units and fast defense. In addition, the game in this episode attaches great importance to the terrain. Players should arrange the marching formations, place archers on high grounds to invite the king to enter the urn, and use trees as an ambush. As civilizations evolve, even the accents of their characters will change, so careful players can pay attention to it. After playing the campaign, you can conduct a customized “small-scale battle”, and then join the online multiplayer mode to compete with other players. Although the game has not yet enabled the map design function, it provides a conditional generator that can generate a map with random changes.

“Century Empire 4” is also full 3D rendering. Taking into account different computer configurations, the game has tried to support older hardware. The official said that the minimum requirements are Intel 6th generation Core i5 6300U and Intel HD 520 integrated display function. Requires Intel i5 4460T, GF GTX 760 graphics card. The general recommended system is Intel i5 8400, GF GTX 970. In recent years, general paper computers with entry-level graphics cards can do the job. Actually running the game on a Core i7 7500U laptop, with 1080p resolution, low image quality, and enabling “Game Resolution Scaling” to 67% (1280×720), Intel HD 620 can have a basic level of about 35fps, switch to GF 940MX There are nearly 63fps, and it can still be played in the campaign mode and normal 2-player battles are no problem. Replace with the newer Core i5 10600K and GF RTX 2070, which can achieve over 160fps in 1080p high quality, and native 4K high quality at 60fps. Generally, it is sufficient to limit the frame rate to around 60fps in the game.

It is recommended for old computers to have low image quality and enable “Game Resolution Scaling” to 67 (1280×720)

Core i7 7500U laptop running low quality

Core i5 10600K, GF RTX 2070 running 4K high quality

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