Home Sports Haina Duofang is coming to Japan and the Changjinmen Tigers will have a “good weather” tonight.

Haina Duofang is coming to Japan and the Changjinmen Tigers will have a “good weather” tonight.

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According to the Chinese Super League schedule set by the Chinese Football Association this week, at 20:00 today, the Tianjin Jinmen Tigers will compete with the Hebei team in the 12th round as the visiting team in the “third party venue” Haikou. Affected by multiple factors, this battle, and tomorrow’s Guangzhou team against Chengdu Rongcheng team, Cangzhou Lions team against Shandong Taishan team, a total of 3 games, if they can be played as scheduled, are also the result of great efforts by all parties. Last night, the Jinmen Tigers Club launched a pre-match poster with the theme of “Hainer many parties, the future is long”, and wished a “good weather” for tonight’s game.

The 6 Chinese Super League teams stationed in Mission Hills Resort in Haikou have recently participated in the nucleic acid test of “5 inspections in 7 days” in accordance with the local new crown epidemic prevention and control requirements in Haikou. To be able to advance normally to the maximum extent, each team has further tightened the management requirements at the station. Before lunch yesterday, all the staff participated in the nucleic acid test of the day. The coaching team of the Jinmen Tigers once again emphasized to the players that they should go to the Mission Hills training base for training in the afternoon, and to take precautions when entering and leaving the hotel. During the stay in the hotel, do not leave yourself unless necessary. s room.

As is customary, the pre-match press conference between the Hebei team and the Jinmen Tigers should be held yesterday afternoon. In view of the continuous typhoon and rainstorm warnings issued by the local meteorological department in the past few days, the Chinese Super League official has notified the two teams the day before yesterday. Press officer, the pre-match press conference has been cancelled, and the media has also been officially informed to the public that in order to ensure safety, do not go to the training ground and hotel to track and report the team’s situation.

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Due to the timely update of information, the relevant person in charge of the club and the coaching staff will inform the players of the changes at any time. Therefore, the Tianjin Jinmen Tigers, which have been preparing for the game step by step, are currently in a stable overall state, and the players can concentrate on the battle tonight. superior. The new aid Merida has a very strong desire to fight and will have a great chance to enter the starting list. Yesterday afternoon, the Chinese Super League official also announced the adjustment plan for the 13th round. The plan shows that the match between the Tianjin Tigers and Changchun Yatai will be played normally in Haikou, but the match date will be changed from the original August 17. Advance to August 15th.

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