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Horký’s first shot was also the winner. That goal gave us peace, we have what we came for, he said

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Horký’s first shot was also the winner.  That goal gave us peace, we have what we came for, he said

Brno hockey players won 3:0 in Ostrava and tied the matches 1:1. The series continues on Tuesday (at 5 p.m.) and on Wednesday (from 7 p.m.) on the Brno ice.

Did you play the goal action with Petr Holík the way you wanted, or did the puck come to you rather from one of the defending players?

We exchanged the puck there, Holas then raised it classically and moved it back to me between the defenders. I just closed my eyes and shot. I think it was my first ever shot. I didn’t have many of them in the match, but the first one fell into the goal.

Photo: Jaroslav Ožana, CTK

From the left, Peter Mueller from Vítkovice and Brno goalkeeper Dominik Furch.Photo: Jaroslav Ožana, CTK

It was Brno’s tenth shot in the game, Vítkovice had 27 at that moment, were you not in the game, or why did the home team outplay you so much?

They probably played more simply and got into our zone more. We, on the other hand, did not get through their middle zone very much. Or at least not on the puck. Somehow we edged it into their zone, but they were there first and got the better of us. They played more simply and against us in the third they held on to the puck better and had shots and pressure. But we defended it and will take a point to Brno.

Wasn’t it risky to defend a 1:0 lead, especially when Vítkovice had more chances and shots?

Certainly, but after the second period we thought we didn’t have to rush anywhere because we were leading. It’s enough that we play a simple game and send pucks from the third. We didn’t need to score a goal, we wanted to let Vítkovice play with the idea that we would either break them or get outnumbered. We defended the result, we scored two goals, the boys defended it perfectly. It’s great, but we’ll definitely look into it, we probably need to improve our work in the defensive zone and get through the middle zone more easily.

Did the performance of Dominik Furch decide, who had 33 shots, while you sent nineteen of them?

Hats off to him. They had chances there, Furchiňo kept us up a lot. Small things made the decision again. In the first match, we conceded two quick goals from the area in front of the goal, which we tried to eliminate today. We watched the players more so that they did not have stops in front of the goal. I think we succeeded.

The state of the series is 1:1, do you have anything, why did you go to Ostrava?

Definitely yes. We wanted to return to Brno with at least one point. We succeeded and now we are looking forward to two matches in front of our sold-out hall. I hope we both get it. We will definitely do everything for it.

Maybe it will be even more crazy. Even now, in the third part, it got more physical. There were borderline fouls, it started to cut more, like playoff hockey. It belongs to, I think it will be in a similar vein.

In the first period, Radek Kučeřík admitted that he was not fouled and canceled the penalty for Marko Kalus. Did you compliment him?

Kuča made a perfect gesture. If it wasn’t a foul, he correctly admitted it. It’s fair. At home, we will want to force more power-ups and try to finally use our good power-up.

Was it even zero for Dominik Furch in the end, or is it not played for in the playoffs?

We certainly had that in mind. Domino caught a great match and the zero is the perfect reward for him. He shows that he has great form and they deserved it.

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