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In-depth analysis of the Guangzhou team’s winning streak password: keep in mind the original intention to go on the road and pursue the dream

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Original title: In-depth analysis of the Guangzhou team’s winning streak password: keep in mind the original intention to go on the road and pursue the dream

On the first day of 2022, the marshal Zheng Zhi arranged for the veteran Zheng Zhi to start as a full-back defender. The Guangzhou team defeated the dark horse Yataihao 2-0 for three consecutive victories! In the past month or so, people who follow the Chinese Super League will definitely be moved by Zheng Zhi. At the time of the economic crisis of the Guangzhou team, Zheng Zhi stepped forward and was ordered to face the danger. The team’s spirit and the youth storm caused by the “All China Class” were praised.

In July 2018, Zheng Zhi read “Song of the Road” on CCTV. The author believes that it is the firm belief that leads the Guangzhou team to make great strides! As long as the Chinese footballers do not forget their original intentions and pursue their dreams together, the Super League will surely get out of the cold winter.

The last champion Suning team was disbanded and the schedule was divided into three sections to make way for the national football. The epidemic affected some matches and some clubs owed salaries… The Chinese Super League, the largest IP in professional sports in China, is facing a “winter” this season.

As the investor Evergrande was in a very difficult situation, the Chinese Super League eight-time champion Guangzhou team was once in a state of “shock”. Since the Chinese Super League’s truce last August, the Guangzhou team has been on vacation for a long time. It was not until November 25 that 17 local players of the team started their preparations under the leadership of Zheng Zhi.

On December 7, 2021, Guangzhou Football Club officially announced that Zheng Zhi will serve as the team’s executive coach and player, and will lead the team to participate in the second stage of the Chinese Super League Championship competition starting on December 13 in the Guangzhou Division. It is reported that Zheng Zhihe and the Guangzhou players who stayed on the team for the rest of the season will fight for the team and himself at no cost.

The Guangzhou team is not the same as before. The main force is lost under the crisis of salary underpayment, and the team only has the entire Chinese class lineup. Zheng Zhi has not yet obtained the coaching license and was jokingly called “undocumented”, but the team led by this part-time marshal is gradually improving, which is impressive.

In the first match led by Zheng Zhi, the Guangzhou team lost a goal to Beijing Guoan. In the second game, he drew 1-1 with the Hebei team, which was also seriously underpaid. Zheng Zhi smoothly scored the first points. Surprisingly, the Guangzhou team has played better since then.

Two goals cut the dark horse Changchun Yatai under the horse, a 0-0 draw with Shanghai Seaport, which has three major foreign aids: Oscar, Mui and Paulinho. Facing the two tough battles between Changchun Yatai and Shanghai Seaport, Zheng Zhi’s offensive and defensive tactics Retract freely, gain one win and one tie. In different games, the Guangzhou team’s starting lineup is constantly changing, and the tactics have always been targeted, and there has never been a scene of big ups and downs.

Revenge Beijing Guoan 1-0, defeated Hebei team 2-0 in the last round, and defeated Yatai 2-0 in this round. Zheng Zhi led a group of all-China youth teams to score 7 matches, 4 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. It’s not easy.

What is even more surprising is the mental outlook of the team: Wei Shihao, who has excellent skills and a changeable haircut, has recently become a dutiful child who no longer deliberately gives people a little color; Zhang Xiuwei, the geek with long hair, now also cuts it. After going to show off the long hair, I was excited after this round of assists; Ling Jie struggled to score a leg cramp, Zheng Zhi dared to shovel and bayonet to steal the ball, and hesitate to fight his opponents in order to protect the interests of his brothers and the team… Unity is strength!

Three, Zheng Zhi old Ji Fuying

As far as Zheng Zhi is concerned, whether he is arranging troops or playing in person, his performance is remarkable. Let’s look at his performance as a player first-

On the evening of December 26 last year, Guangzhou’s executive coach Zheng Zhi personally went into battle and retired after 61 minutes. In this campaign, he completed the most critical assist, helping the team 1-0 revenge against the Yulin Army. Zheng Zhi, who was born on August 20, 1980, set the record for senior appearances in the Super League at the age of 41 years and 128 days that day; he played as the head coach, general manager, player, and captain. It is probably the first time in the history of world football.

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On New Year’s Day this year, Guangzhou team played against Changchun Yatai. Zheng Zhi, 41 years old and 134 days old, ranked himself into the starting lineup and continued to set the record for the oldest appearance in the Super League! Since Jiang Guangtai has left the team for repairs, Zheng Zhi sits in the center of this campaign to make up for the weak links in the team. Facing the strong attack of the Yatai team, Zheng Zhi guarded the back defense and took the initiative to adopt a high defensive posture. Zheng Zhi took the ball and intentionally directly instigated the frontcourt attack from the center and the back, including connecting the wing. Withdraw quickly to maintain the balance and overall position of the back line. In the 16th minute, there was a conflict on the court. The captains of the two teams Zheng Zhi and Sun Jie scolded, and the two big brothers were domineering sideways. He blocked Eric in the first half and tackled Junior in the second half, both showing excellent mental judgment and foot skills.

Technical statistics after the game showed that Zheng Zhi had 64 passes in this campaign, and his success rate was an astonishing 93.8%. The authoritative media gave him the best score of 7.9 in the game! As the saying goes, the veteran is the best one. If there are more players like Zheng Zhi in Chinese football, then the Chinese team will not be far away from the World Cup finals!

Four, the back wave shines

The Guangzhou team led by the lead elder brother Zheng Zhi became more and more brave in the face of adversity. This all-China class worked hard and fully demonstrated its advantages in the game, kicking out the spirit of the Guangzhou team. God. Not only did they not lag behind in performance, they have already qualified for next year’s AFC Champions League, but also temporarily ranks second in the league. More importantly, the “back waves” shine brightly, so that everyone is full of the future of this team and these players. Infinite expectations!

In the last round against the Hebei team, the 18-year-old Ling Jie made his debut and led the team. This was also his Super League goal. He also created the record of the youngest player for the Guangzhou team to score a goal in the Super League. Another young player, and a new star Tan Kaiyuan that many fans are particularly optimistic about, came off the bench and scored a goal to seal the victory for the team. He was also awarded the MVP of this campaign!

Two young players from the Evergrande Football School scored goals in the game at the same time, and they used real play to help the team win the game. They have never appeared in the past. I did not expect this scene to be staged when the Guangzhou team was in trouble. It really is. It’s amazing!

What’s even more amazing is that on New Year’s Day this year, the Guangzhou team once again staged a magical plot: Ling Jie scored a goal again and went straight to the end of the cramp; Tan Kaiyuan made contributions on the bench, and the scoring action kicked the flag to remind people of the pinnacle of “Bison” Luo Guofu.

It must be admitted that the “Youth Storm” that the Guangzhou team has always been fighting for, can now be said to be not only aggressive, but also getting stronger and stronger. The lineup of the all-China class, the “Yan Zhong Yang Wei” combination has already carried the banner, and now even the U20 teenagers behind him are gradually growing and improving, showing their own potential and value more and more. I believe the future of this team can only be Use “unlimited” to describe.

Recently, the performance of the Guangzhou team led by Zheng Zhi is remarkable. The outside world may wonder: Why does Zheng Zhi have such a positive energy? What is supporting the Guangzhou team striding forward?

Five, the glory of Zheng Zhi king

Perhaps many people are bad at today’s Chinese football, but it is undeniable that Chinese football has also been brilliant, and many young people must have difficulty imagining how strong Chinese football will be in 2002. That year, Zheng Zhi’s team won the runner-up of the Chinese Super League. Not only that, he also won the titles of Chinese Footballer of the Year and Asian Footballer of the year. In the subsequent games, Zheng Zhi led the team to the Super League championship 10 times, creating a myth that is difficult to surpass in the Chinese football world.

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In the summer of 2018, after Zheng Zhi ushered in his 100th game on behalf of the national team, he was also a guest on CCTV’s “Reader” program, revealing his aspirations to everyone——

Zheng Zhi’s career has not been smooth sailing. In 1998, he hadn’t played for two years until he met coach Zhu Guanghu. Speaking of Coach Zhu Guanghu, Zheng Zhi said with gratitude: “Guide Zhu is the person who really took me to the career path. When the transfer was first possible, he was the first person to call me. He said you Coming here, I hope to turn you into the best player in China. I replied, yes, I will work hard. Not only do I want to become the best player in China, I want to become the best player in Asia, I want to go Playing in Europe. He taught me not only football skills, but also some enlightenment to my outlook on life and the world when I was young, so that I have the spirit of not giving up and have a strong will.”

We can’t interview Zheng Zhi now and ask him why he chose to lead the team without hesitation instead of accepting it this time. Maybe he will think of the fighting spirit of “don’t give up, don’t abandon” when he was young?

Looking back on his overseas career playing in the Premier League in 2007, Zheng Zhi said: “I can be regarded as the core player of the team in China, but I basically have to start again after arriving in the UK. I have about 3 to 4 months, yes Several times I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night with sweat all over my body. I was very scared. I felt that my body was very thin and weak. I became strong when I was hit and hit. Later I can hit someone else. The real first game is to kick the first game. After the game, I was playing Manchester United. I was very excited and very excited. I played for about 70 minutes. I still tried my best to make myself look calmer and more experienced. I think my performance is normal even though we lost the game. Yes, but the coach gave me encouragement. When I return to the base, I think everyone’s eyes are bright when they say hello to me. When I go out, I represent China. I want to prove that Chinese players are not worse than them, so they can be recognized. It’s also a great comfort.”

In 2017, the match between Evergrande and the Chongqing team opened for about 20 minutes. Zheng Zhi sprained his ankle and left the field. He originally thought it would be better in two or three weeks, but it took six months to return to the court. Zheng Zhi lamented that it was a kind of The feeling of rebirth. “As a player, playing games is the most basic. It has been integrated into my blood. Playing on the court is happier than anything else.”

Since Zheng Zhi has served as the executive coach of the team, he will also choose to play in person or arrange for his brothers to charge according to the opponents and the situation in the team. Enjoy football as he said in the locker room after this round of the game!

Six, “Song of the Road” shows confidence

Below, let us review the highlights of Whitman’s “Song of the Road” that Zheng Zhi read aloud on CCTV:

I walked on the road easily and happily, I am healthy and free, the world is in front of me, and the long brown road is in front of me, pointing to wherever I want to go.

From then on I no longer wish for good luck, I am good luck myself, from then on I no longer complain, no longer hesitate, I am strong and contented, I walked on the road, I walked on your road, I look around, I believe this is not all of you , I believe that many things that have not been seen also exist here.

Air, you give me the breath of talking! Everything, you summon my confused thoughts and give them an image! Light, you have wrapped me and everything, bathing us beautifully and peacefully! Go! No matter who you are, walk with me! Walk with me and you will find something that will never tire. Go! There is a greater temptation ahead. We will sail in the wild sea without a channel, and we will go to the windy and violent territory, full of sails and speed.

Go! With strength, freedom, earth, wind, rain, and lightning, with health, resistance, happiness, self-esteem, and curiosity; go! Put aside all stereotypes! Go! Embark on the journey without beginning and end, experience and practice, trek during the day, rest at night, and merge all the experiences on the journey and the experiences of day and night.

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Don’t look at you, just focus on what you can reach and pass, don’t look up and down, just focus on the road that stretches for you and waits for you, don’t focus on others, just focus on the other side where you are going. Go! The road is in front of us!

Fans who have not watched this episode can open the video to see Zheng Zhi’s expression and listen to his confident voice. Perhaps they will also add a little confidence in the future!

Seven, look forward to creating greater glories

After the Guangzhou team defeated Yataihao 2-0 for three consecutive victories, Zhang Linpeng said in an interview after the match: The moment he stepped onto the court, he thought of the past glory of the team, the first game of the new year, the whole team was holding back. I don’t know what will happen next year. Everyone cherishes every minute they can play for the team.

Talking about the veteran captain Zheng Zhi, Zhang Linpeng was a little choked. “Chi is an amazing player. Whether it is a coach or a player, he has set an example for everyone. No matter what the future is, he can do every minute on the court. !”

Although it is an empty game, there are a large number of fans waiting outside the stadium every time the team plays. This way of cheering in the air is indeed moving. Zhang Linpeng said: “No matter where the game is played, the Guangzhou fans are cheering for us silently. I hope they can support the team as always and hope to continue playing in this venue next year!”

The latest news is that the Guangzhou team will get to know the new owner, and it is expected to create brilliant future!

Conclusion: The cold winter is warm spring

Jinyuan football ends, some bubbles begin to disillusion, some people will feel that Chinese football is exhausted. Mr. Lu Xun once wrote in “Hometown”: “Hope does not matter if there is nothing, it doesn’t matter if there is nothing. This is just like the road on the ground; in fact, there is no road on the ground, and it becomes a road if there are more people walking.”

There is no need to deny the unprofessionalism of Chinese football. The recent coaching changes of Chinese men’s and women’s football teams seem to be a joke on the surface, but if we take a deeper perspective, we will understand that there is a pair of invisible hands behind the Football Association regulating today’s football. Development, such as introducing salary caps, naming neutrals, vigorously developing campus football, and so on.

China’s football reform has embarked on a big road, although there are setbacks and troughs, just as the global economy also bottoms out and rebounds. On the occasion of the centennial of the founding of the party, we must believe that the Chinese nation will achieve a great rejuvenation! We must firmly believe that as long as the youth training system and professional stadium are still there, the roots and dreams of football are there. Football is the world‘s number one sport, and the Chinese team will not lag behind forever.

“Be a sailor of the world and go to all the ports”, this is Whitman’s attitude towards life, and it is also the life motto of many people. The world is vast, don’t be limited to the scenery in front of you, as long as you have a dream in your heart, just let it go through wind and rain. When you walk into the hospital, you will be truly grateful for life and cherish your health; when you walk into the vegetable market, you will smell the fragrance of fruits and vegetables, and feel the fireworks are amiable; when you walk into the jungle, you can appreciate the cedar swaying and the growth of everything; when you walk into the sea, you In order to see the kite flying and leaping, the wind and the waves. When you go to the dark, you can appreciate the stars and the moon, the lights are brilliant; when you go into winter, you can experience the snowflakes and the fragrance of the winter plum; when you approach the plum blossoms, you will remember: the beauty does not compete for the spring, only the spring!

Winter is here, can spring be far behind? ! (Chen Zhiyong)Return to Sohu to see more


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