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Insider: The Chongqing team has a high probability of returning to the sky and waiting for the official announcement to stop operations – yqqlm

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Insider: The Chongqing team has a high probability of returning to the sky and waiting for the official announcement to stop operations – yqqlm

Original title: Insider: The Chongqing team has a high probability of returning to the sky and only waiting for the official announcement to stop operations

If all goes well, the new season of the Chinese Super League will officially start on June 3, but the league has not yet started, and Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic Team is likely to stop operations and withdraw from the Chinese Super League because the debt problem cannot be resolved. At present, the Chongqing team is in a state of suspension. Although the team members have previously issued a statement stating that they are willing to give up their arrears before April 2021 and help the club continue to operate, it is still difficult to reverse the situation. According to people familiar with the matter, the Chongqing Liangjiang Athletic Team has a high probability of returning to the sky, and it is likely that it will announce the cessation of operations in the near future.

Due to the long-term arrears of wages, the Chongqing team started to strike a few days ago. On May 18th, the gate of the club in the downtown area of ​​Chongqing was pulled up with a black and white salary banner, which attracted widespread attention from the outside world. So far, Chongqing players have generally been owed wages for more than a year, the longest of which is 16-18 months. Due to the long-term arrears, the daily life of the players has been greatly affected, and some players are forced to sell their houses and cars. In order to make ends meet, the club staff even went to work as takeaway boys to subsidize the family. During this period, although all the coaches and players of the team expressed their willingness to give up their salary before April 30, 2021 through an open letter, even so, the contemporary group facing bankruptcy is still unable to support it.

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On May 21, a relevant person in the contemporary side wrote a fact sheet, which was reprinted by the Chongqing team leader Wei Xin. In this fact sheet, a person from the contemporary group said: “The Chongqing team’s budget for this season is about 170 million. If the Liangjiang Group’s 50 million If the sponsorship funds are in place, the team will be able to enter the competition area, if it is not in place, the contemporary group will immediately stop the club’s operations.” The statement also stated that since the contemporary group has invested 3 billion in Chongqing football, the group is currently facing huge bankruptcy. Debt risk is difficult to protect by itself.

Contemporary stakeholders suggested that the Chongqing Municipal Government and the Chongqing Municipal Sports Bureau temporarily host the club, and also emphasized that “the sponsorship of Liangjiang Group is the key to the team’s entry into the competition area.”

So far, there is no official statement on whether Chongqing will continue to operate the football club. However, from the rumors out of the market, the situation is not optimistic. Due to its limited ability, the Chongqing Municipal Sports Bureau will probably not host the club. The probability has been lost, and it will only be officially announced in the near future that it will stop operating.

Lu Mi, a football reporter who has been following the Chongqing team for a long time, also expressed pessimism about the prospects of the Chongqing team. She said on social media: “I will persuade the players to contact the new team as soon as possible, and I will also persuade the staff to go through labor arbitration procedures as soon as possible. The debt that should be asked for is a lot of points.” “I hope the players can have a place to go, they deserve better, and I hope that the clubs can pay attention to these players and give them a chance.” In fact, it also implies that the Chongqing club’s Tragic fate.

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At present, the Chinese Football Association has scheduled the Chinese Super League schedule. If the Chongqing team eventually stops operating, all rounds related to the Chongqing team will be awarded a 3-0 victory. In addition, the Chinese Football Association may open a special transfer window before the start of the league. , to help Chongqing players find new owners, (Sohu Sports Pei Li)Return to Sohu, see more


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