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Inter, Brozovic tired, Asllani ready to replace him

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Inter, Brozovic tired, Asllani ready to replace him

The Croatian has to dispose of the trouble in the calf, the Albanian behind him paws and is already more than a deputy

Never before had Inter experienced this strange serenity: every time Marcelo Brozovic had a problem, even the slightest one, the Nerazzurri trembled fearing the worst. And last year the worst came on time: in a month without the Croatian, a championship that seemed to have been won slipped out of his pockets. Now, however, in Appiano there is even a blow to the calf of Brozo, the man around whom the Nerazzurri destinies revolve. By now everyone is convinced that the 20-year-old who has just arrived is not only his replacement, but his natural evolution: Kristjan Asllani is not a deputy Brozo, but he is an over-Brozo. The Albanian paws, he can’t wait to be able to make his debut from the beginning already at the first in Lecce, but he will probably have to calm the hot spirits: the blow taken by Marcelo in the match did not trigger a real alarm, which prevented him from play the last friendly match in breaking latest news against Villarreal. On Monday the exams he underwent at the Humanitas of Rozzano confirmed a certain fatigue and even today the director will work separately, but the course is going well and in the Nerazzurri medical staff there is optimism: if everything continues to go for the to the right, Brozo will place himself at the center of the orchestra, in the role in which he was (but is no longer) irreplaceable. If, however, even the slightest risk persisted, at that point Marcelo could pass his hand: the calendar is too tight to risk. At that point, doors were wide open for Kristjan who wants to make us forget the mistake that gave Villarreal a goal on Saturday: after all, that was the only faded performance in a growing pre-season. Meanwhile, today in the joint training with Sant’Angelo Lodigiano it will be his turn.

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Asllani is a shy and very polite 20 year old. A Tuscan of few words: used to living with his parents, until a year and a half ago he only played fantasy football with the big names in A. In Buti, the small town in the Pisan area of ​​5,000 souls in which he grew up since he arrived from Albania at the age of two, he also knows the stones. He was a mascot before, let alone hours: a claque nourished by “butesi” followed him in the preseason, while Lecce is further away and tickets are in hiding. His father will not attend his official debut, but his 11-year-old brother Leonardo will be cheering on Via del Mare. Brozovic is an almost 30-year-old fresh from a lavish renewal (6 million per season) and with an outgoing character tending to the bizarre. A guy who invested in cryptocurrencies well before the latest Inter troubles and who prepares a joke on Barella with the same rigor with which he defends a ball. In short, owner and reserve come from different planets: by character, it is impossible even to approach them. And, instead, on the pitch, they immediately speak the same language spontaneously. Indeed, they play with the same brazen audacity: if there is one thing that Marcelo appreciated about his partner, it is the courage in gambling. Of daring even at the cost of taking some risks: breaking latest news‘s error, after all, stems from this, but it will not stop him next time. Indeed, it will be an extra incentive to erase the mistake from the eyes of the Nerazzurri fans.

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It pushes

On the concept of risk, combined with perennial movement, Brozo has built his fortune: almost no one like him manages to rule the midfield, starting from behind and taking the ball on the line of defenders. Playing by “position” and not just by “role”. Pure Asllani, however, has an engine that is always running: in the ranking of average kilometers per game, notoriously dominated by the Croatian, the 20-year-old from Buti finished seventh in his first year of A. Woe to consider him a carbon copy of the owner: Inzaghi alla Pinetina is trying to orient his characteristics more in the offensive phase. A low director is not being born, but an attacker more than the median, given the possibility of playing more than one role in comedy: Asllani naturally positions himself in the middle, but does not feel uncomfortable sliding as a mezzala or even moving forward on the trocar to invent. Inter without Brozo remains, however, a lame creature: without the Croatian against Lecce there would be no compass and for this reason we are working confidently on recovery. If it were missing, it would be a danger, but certainly not a drama as it once was: with Kristjan the team could also gain in flexibility and advanced unpredictability. In short, it all depends on Marcelo’s dancing calf, but Asllani is still ready to take Inter from minute 1.

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