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Inventory of the 19th-level advance contract renewal: the number of people tied the historical record, and the miracle of Doncic failed to reproduce – yqqlm

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Inventory of the 19th-level advance contract renewal: the number of people tied the historical record, and the miracle of Doncic failed to reproduce – yqqlm

Original title: 19-level renewing of contracts in advance: the number of people tied the historical record, and the miracle of Dongqiqi failed to reproduce

At 6:00 this morning Beijing time, the deadline for the early renewal of the 2019 rookie has arrived. Just before 6:00, DeAndre Hunter signed a new four-year, $95 million contract with the Hawks.

So far, a total of 11 people in the 2019 class have renewed their contracts in advance, tying the historical record created by last year’s 2018 rookies. In addition, the total salary of these 11 people after renewing contracts exceeds 1.3 billion US dollars, and this price has once again written a new high in NBA history after last year.

But some specific details still reflect the difference between the 19th class rookie and the 18th class. First of all, among the players who have renewed their contracts in advance this year, only 3 people have received contracts with a maximum salary. They are Zion Williamson, Darius Garland and Ja Morant, while those who received a maximum salary last year were There are 4 people.

In addition, unlike last year, Doncic activated the so-called “Ross clause” early and won a large contract of more than 200 million US dollars. The three people who have renewed with a maximum salary this year have not yet reached the rank of Doncic. , Morant, or Garland, all need to achieve more personal honors in the new season before they are expected to raise the total salary of the new contract to the level of 231 million US dollars.

Not only that, but as far as Fat Tiger is concerned, while he is working hard to activate the “Ross Clause”, he also needs to meet some special conditions that the Pelicans set out for him. In the new season, the Pelicans have clear requirements for Fat Tiger in terms of appearance rate, weight, etc. If the latter cannot meet the team’s standards, the total value of his new contract will be seriously shrunk, and naturally he will no longer be classified as a maximum salary. in the ranks.

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The second tier of contract extensions this year includes three players: RJ Barrett of the Knicks ($120 million for four years), Tyron Herro of the Heat ($130 million for four years) and the Warriors. Jordan Poole ($140 million for 4 years), although the new contracts of these three are not max salary, their total value is more than 100 million.

Among them, Barrett has grown into the core of the Knicks last season. Although he still has some problems in terms of technical stability and the efficiency of the court is not very good, considering his current combat strength and potential energy, the Knicks Still choose to continue to cultivate him, and also use a large contract to ensure a bright future for the next few years of his career.

Herro experienced some ups and downs in the first three seasons of his career with the Heat, as well as some ups and downs. But last season, Herro concentrated on being a substitute and won the league’s best sixth man trophy at the end of the season. As a result, his worth soared and he received a big contract with the Heat of $130 million.

Poole also improved significantly last season. In the regular season, when all the Splash Brothers were injured, he even became the Warriors’ leading scorer. At the age of 22, he scored 20+ points in 17 consecutive games, and the output of 30+ points in 10 games (season) is extremely rare in the history of the Warriors. Originally under the pressure of the luxury tax, the Warriors management once wanted to postpone Poole’s contract extension until next summer to discuss. But a dream-chasing incident in which Green beat Poole accelerated the process of the latter’s contract renewal. In order to quell the infighting and create a stable atmosphere for the team to defend the title, the Warriors management finally agreed to all of Poole’s demands.

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There are also several contract extensions that are also very interesting, such as Keldon Johnson and the Spurs signed a new four-year, $80 million contract. Although it is not clear what the Spurs’ positioning of “roast chicken” is in the context of the Spurs’ in-depth reconstruction and the Holy City’s single-mindedness about selecting Chinese Banyama next summer. Perhaps in the future, “roast chicken” will become a bargaining chip like Derrick White and Dejounte Murray, and go to other teams to shine. But at least after getting a big contract in the new season, the “roast chicken” has taken the Spurs’ core throne.

Kevin Porter Jr.’s contract renewal with the Rockets is also of interest. After going around in circles and causing a lot of trouble in the first three years of his career, Porter Jr. still received preferential treatment from Houston, which shows the team’s ability to him. And the value of cultivation is quite recognized. But perhaps because he was worried that Porter Jr.’s “locker room time bomb” would “detonate” again in the future, the Rockets also opened the back door in Porter’s new contract. The specific terms show that only the first year of the four-year, $82.5 million contract is fully guaranteed, and the next three years of the contract still require management to activate based on Porter’s actual performance.

In addition, the Rockets are planning for the future by not giving Porter a higher salary. Because in the next few years, including Jaylen Green, Alperon Shenjing, and even the younger Jabari Smith will likely face the problem of early contract renewal, according to the labor-management agreement, the “designated” in a team “Rookie contract”, that is, the highest salary contract can only be given to two people. Obviously, the Rockets executives decided that Porter Jr. was not eligible for such a contract.

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Of course, some people are happy and some are sad. While some teenagers have received big contracts, some people are sad because they failed to complete the early contract renewal with their home team. Mattis Table, Cameron Johnson, Rui Hachimura, and PJ Washington have all played important roles in their respective team rotations, but for various reasons, their contract extensions must be extended. Negotiations will be held until next summer… (Poirot)Return to Sohu, see more


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