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Italy Dominates Malta with Berardi’s Double: Advances to Second Place in Group C

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European Qualifiers – Berardi’s double hit Italy 4-0 Malta to advance to second place in the group

In a thrilling match, Italy secured a convincing 4-0 victory against Malta in the seventh round of the European Cup qualifying rounds. Domenico Berardi emerged as the standout player, scoring twice to lead Italy to a dominant win.

The game kicked off at 2:45 PM on October 15th, Beijing time, with Italy hosting Malta. The home side wasted no time in asserting their dominance and breaking the deadlock. In the 23rd minute, Dimarco’s header found its way into the penalty area, forcing a save from Malta goalkeeper Keane. However, the loose ball was seized upon by Bonaventura, who skillfully turned and fired it into the back of the net. Italy took a 1-0 lead.

As the first half neared its end, Berardi showcased his brilliance. In the 45th minute, Varela delivered a precise pass, and Berardi, positioned on the right side of the penalty area, calmly struck the ball with his left foot to double Italy’s advantage. The score stood at 2-0 going into halftime.

Italy continued their dominance in the second half, and Berardi further extended their lead in the 63rd minute. Raspadori provided an exceptional inverted triangle pass from the left side of the penalty area, and Keane, taking advantage of the opportunity, took a shot. However, it was Berardi who poached the goal with a well-timed shot from the back, securing his brace and giving Italy a commanding 3-0 lead.

The Azzurri were not done yet. In the dying moments of the game, in the 90th + 4th minute, Uduoji set up Fratesi in the frontcourt. Fratesi expertly dribbled into the penalty area and unleashed a low shot that found the back of the net, sealing the victory for Italy. The final score was Italy 4-0 Malta.

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With this win, Italy’s qualifying campaign received a significant boost. They now sit in second place in Group C with 3 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss from 5 games. This victory showcased Italy’s strength and determination, cementing their position as strong contenders in the European Cup qualifiers.

The Italian team can certainly take pride in their performance, with Berardi’s standout display earning him well-deserved plaudits. The double from the talented forward proved instrumental in securing the victory. Italy’s dominant performance against Malta has instilled confidence in their fans and set high hopes for their upcoming matches in the European Cup qualifiers.

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