Home Sports It’s the final: Vigevano against Cividale for A2 Piazza: “They’re tough, but we’ll play it”

It’s the final: Vigevano against Cividale for A2 Piazza: “They’re tough, but we’ll play it”

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It’s the final: Vigevano against Cividale for A2 Piazza: “They’re tough, but we’ll play it”

Race 1 at PalaGesteco in Friuli (6 pm). Elachem in full, among the hosts pay attention to Chiera and the play Rota


Final play off at the start: Elachem Vigevano challenges Cividale, promotion to A2 is up for grabs. Today match 1 in Friuli, at PalaGesteco (duo at 6 pm). The ducals are fully presented for the match against the Friulian squadron that opens the series.

«We are about to face a team of sure value – reiterates coach Paolo Piazza – a group with good athletic performance and with very physical players. In the Cividale roster there are also outsiders able to put us in difficulty starting with Chiera who is a player who has an average of 50 percent in three-point shots. Then there is the point guard Rota who is very fast and is able to create problems for us ». With the conquest of the final of draw 2, after having eliminated Desio (3-1) and San Vendemiano, Vigevano crowns her best season since returning to the cadeteria. Elachem finished second in group B in the regular season and then passed the two play-off rounds. Now the hardest and most important exam, which he arrives with a thousand morale.

A difficult path

Although super-favorite, Cividale for its part has embarked on a path that is not without difficulties. After having liquidated Maurelli Libertas Livorno with a sharp 3-0, the Friulians were forced to the “beautiful” to liquidate Bergamo, with the Orobic team which, among other things, presented itself at the last appointment in a widely reworked version (the under).

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«The play-offs are a matter of their own in each round – Piazza warns again – we arrive prepared for the decisive appointment, we have all the players available and we will take the field to try to lengthen this series as much as possible. We know we have against an opponent of certain quality with players who have peculiarities. But we will play it to the end ».

Meanwhile, the company took advantage of the play-off event to promote a charity initiative, through the sale of the play-off-promotion jerseys: they were auctioned in recent days and the proceeds will be donated to the Blue Cross.

After the first two games in Friuli, the series will move to the PalaBasletta of Vigevano for game 3, scheduled for Friday 17th. –

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