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Ivrea is in the mood for basketball and novelty, Eporedia Bricks is born

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Once a new club has been created, it will start from the Promotion Championship. President Alessandro Alberto, the coach will be Piero Piermattei


The Ivrea basketball scene is enriched with a new company, the Amateur Sports Association Eporedia Bricks. The word bricks is English, it means bricks. A noun chosen by the boys to make fun of the “bricks” (strong shots without precision) that are pulled on the board. The new company was established on 1 September by the founding partners Alessandro Alberto, Enrico Pensa, Piero Piermattei, Edoardo Alberto and Gabriele Pensa. Alessandro Alberto holds the position of president, Enrico Pensa that of deputy, Carlo Marcoccio councilor, while coach Piero Piermattei will sit on the bench. From the board they communicate that the team is enrolled in the Fip (Italian Basketball Federation) regional promotion championship: “The intention was to give birth to something to be able to play all those kids who still want basketball, but who, for different for study or work reasons, they no longer, or never had, space in the senior teams of Ivrea and surroundings. We looked around and assessed that such a thing did not exist in the city, so we worked with enthusiasm to bring it about. We do not want to be alternative to anyone, nor in competition, but rather complementary ».

Here are the registered players: Edoardo Alberto (born in 2000, small forward), Gabriele Pensa (1999, guard), Nicolò Dagna (1986, big forward), Simone Pallante (1999, guard), Fabio Trovero (1999, guard), Paolo Bordignon (1974, center), Alessio Cossano (2001, center), Matteo Filomena (1999, play), Davide Spezzano (1999, small forward), Mattia Carcaiso (2001 guard), Simone Maritano (1999, play), Manuel Ferraro ( 1998, small forward), Damiano Munari (2001, small forward), Federico Martinetto Sapel (2000, guard), Omar Ouadi (1998, large forward), Alessio Visetti (1996, small forward).

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The sporting curriculum of coach Piero Piermattei, 59, on the bench starting from the youth championships, to Serie C with the Letter 22, in D with Pallacanestro Montalto Dora as well as several seasons in Promotion is highly respected: “I face this adventure with great enthusiasm, after more than a year and a half of inactivity. The average age of the players is low, with some athletes coming from the youth teams of the Lettera 22 and with some inclusion of expert basketball players such as Nicolò Dagna and Paolo Bordignon. The climate was immediately positive – says Piermattei – with a great desire to start over, starting with the Promotion. The boys are at work with the first objective which will be to have fun playing good basketball, while for the results it will be necessary to wait a few days to understand the actual value of the team ». Esporedia Bricks will play its home games at the Falcone gym on Saturday at 6 pm –

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