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Jacobs: “Half the people thought I wouldn’t leave …”

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Jacobs: “Half the people thought I wouldn’t leave …”

Marcell after the gold: “Thanks to those who support me and also to those who fight against me and push me to give my best. And to think that I ran better in the semifinal”

Marcell Jacobs is a perfectionist. Thus, while commenting on the European gold of the 100, he also underlines what in his opinion did not work: “First of all, thanks to those who cheered for me and always supported me, but also to those who oppose me and give me the energy to prove you are the strongest “.


“It was – continues Jacobs – a complex and difficult season, taking home the gold is exciting. I am not very satisfied with the race, I would like to see it again because I think I ran the semifinal better. Maybe I felt a bit of tension and not. I got a good start, then I managed to get out but the important thing was to get in front of everyone. While trying to start from the blocks I also had a problem in my calf, but I tried to give everything, luckily it was a simple contracture. it satisfies me, I always try the best but I am happy. Half of the people believed that I would not even leave, winning the gold makes me understand that the little work we have managed to do works and I can continue to do great things. to give satisfaction even in the 4×100 “.

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