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Juve in Venice with a sore goal “We need more clarity and malice”

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Bianconeri third last in realization percentage. Allegri: «Trend to change» Lazio at the top of the ranking followed by Verona, Inter, Atalanta and Naples


Three victories in a row behind them, two in the league and one in the Champions League: Juventus found a minimum of continuity and it does not matter if the opponents were not irresistible, the small series has restored serenity and transmitted confidence for the comeback in the league.

Not even in this segment, however, has the most obvious defect been eradicated: the disproportion between the opportunities created and the goals scored, which makes the Juventus attack the thirteenth of Serie A. still defined, the simplest cause of the delay is all here: Massimiliano Allegri’s team has conceded 16 goals, two fewer than leaders Milan and one more than Inter second in the standings, but scored 22 goals while the first four crossed all share 30.

And nine other teams have scored more, including Empoli, Bologna, Sassuolo, Sampdoria and Verona. Even more serious is the percentage that in the light of the 340 shots made is equal to 6.5%, third last ahead of Rome and Salernitana. «We are clearly below average – explains the Juventus coach -: we must be more lucid and bad in front of goal. Five chances are needed to score a goal: too little to be Juventus ».

Venice, tonight, becomes an important test for Juventus, it will have to sanction an essential turning point to hope to get back on top and gnaw points at Atalanta who occupies fourth place: “It’s a high-risk game, but I think the boys have some understood the importance. We will all have to give something more and get on par in terms of race and mentality: we need a provincial performance ».

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Allegri lists the dangers: the light-heartedness, the home performance and the desire for business of Paolo Zanetti’s group, but also the particularity of a field where only he and Chiellini have played. It is no longer narrow – the renovation of the Penzo has also redesigned the rectangle – but the fact that you arrive by vaporetto, the stands on you and the small size of the facility, although very modern, can leave traces.

The first danger, however, is not to recover from the sore point and fall back into the trap of Marassi with Genoa (27 shots, 2 goals) or of Allianz with Malmoe (16, one). Allegri will rely on Dybala (“He’s fine, he plays” he reassures) and Morata, lined up in the 4-2-3-1 with the Spanish striker and the Argentine attacking midfielder between Cuadrado, advanced with De Sciglio full-back, and Bernardeschi.

Arthur is not among those called up: «He arrived late to training the day before the game: I don’t think that’s right, so he is not called up, but he will be back with the team from Tuesday. These things happen”. There is no controversy, however, after the first place in the Champions League group, on the accusations of practicing a football that is not very European: “Many say so many things, the beauty of football is that it is questionable”. –

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