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Juventus Milan, Allegri’s interview: ‘Our season is over in Seville’

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Juventus Milan, Allegri’s interview: ‘Our season is over in Seville’

“I thanked the lads after the game because in a season like this it was impossible to do more, I don’t wish a year like this on anyone. You have no idea of ​​the ups and downs we’ve experienced since January, since they took away our points the first time time”. Massimiliano Allegri confirms the analysis of the last few weeks after the official announcement Juve’s non-participation in the next Champions League.

“However, we scored 69 points, actually 71”

Not so much the defeat at Empoli or the new penalty have influenced the black and white decline in the last few games: “Our nervous energies ended up in Seville, our season ended there. Now for everyone the failure to qualify for the Champions League will be a failure, but we scored 69 points plus the 2 against Salernitana which are objective (Milik’s goal disallowed, ed). On the field we confirmed ourselves among the top four, some teams are in the Champions League because they penalized us.” Allegri also tries to look to the future: “It’s not all to be thrown away, on the contrary, maybe with a win tonight the judgments would have changed but in a season like this, it’s not the single game that makes the difference. Now we’ll see where we’ll play next year. at the moment we are in the Conference but we will also need to see the results of the finals of the European cups”.

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