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Juve’s ultras: “Worse than in 2006! Guilty managers. Our history trampled on”

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Juve’s ultras: “Worse than in 2006! Guilty managers. Our history trampled on”

Joint press release from three of the Juventus players: Drughi, Viking and Nab. Harsh words against Agnelli and the other former managers, but also the will to cheer again at the Stadium

The protest of the ultras against the management of Juventus. Through a joint note Drughi, Viking and Nab, three of the organized black and white fan groups took a position on the sentence in the capital gains case and launched very heavy accusations against the president Agnelli and the other managers who left the club. Harsh words combined with the desire to return to the Stadium to animate the curve again.


The ultras criticize an “arrogant and busybody” management which “had the sole purpose of reducing the sporting history of a legendary company to a mere economic operation, a product to be placed on international markets like any other drink or clothing brand”. A “commodification” whose first step was the new stadium, conceived as “a place for one-and-done customers, willing to spend the unthinkable”. In this key, the organized supporters continue, “the Curva, the beating heart, had to be swept away at all costs, as the legal proceedings demonstrate”. The references are to the investigations of recent years: that of 2006 on the ultras leaders (closed with “acquittal”) and the Alto Piemonte and Last Banner trials (pending the appeal judgment). “Where were you – continues the note – when we were prevented from staying in our place? Where were you when you were warned of the danger of having left the information in the hands of others, allowing them to occupy all positions of sporting responsibility and the media? Where were you when you asked us not to wave the big flags because they obstructed the view? Where were you when they charged 600 euros for the curve season ticket? Defending this arrogant and busybody management, infatuated by the nine consecutive championships as if that company protected from any criticism”.

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“Much more difficult times will come than today – the text continues – and today’s abbacchi are not yesterday’s Agnelli. The hope is that Juventus will once again have those who were denied the honor of doing so at their side “. “Let’s start again – is the conclusion – from compacting what little remains, rebuilding the bedlam that was the Stadium and giving back to Drughi, Viking and Nab the passion that was taken away from those characters who are now in the corner. This time it’s worse than the 2006. In that case we were truly guilty. Not today. Today we pay because these filthy beings of the management treated our shirt as an object without a soul. One thing remains intact: the placid reverence of the new management, then as now, which to carve out their space and earn as much as possible they accepted Serie B, in the same way in which today they are ready to bring down the shares to facilitate exit from the Stock Exchange and sell our Juve more easily to some other fixer”.

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