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Knicks, Thibodeau and Brunson highlight OG Anunoby’s impact

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Knicks, Thibodeau and Brunson highlight OG Anunoby’s impact

OG Anunoby’s arrival at the New York Knicks quickly generated a more than positive effect for the Big Apple team.

Never before have the numbers lied: 20 victories in 23 games, with 21.7 points per 100 possessions scored more than those conceded in his 802 minutes on the parquet, and even 29.9 in the minutes together with Brunson, Hart and Hartenstein.

Coach Thibodeau and Jalen Brunson also recently spoke about his impact.

“I think the whole league is looking for players like OG. If you look at the composition of teams, versatile, long-armed wingers are always very important…And so, when you have the opportunity to get one, I think you have to evaluate it carefully.”
“And there were a lot of other variables, but Leon Rose is doing a great job of identifying guys that he thinks can really help our team get better.”

“His instinct in anticipation, his wingspan, his ability to make multiple efforts in the same action make him very disruptive. He has the innate ability to get his hands on the ball. He often creates indecision in his opponents with his deflections… His activity in this sense is off the charts”.

“He makes life a lot easier for all of us with the things he can do on the defensive end,” comments Brunson. “He is a unique talent when it comes to defending and obviously also in attack he is able to shoot from wherever he wants.
He can shoot from the corner, he can score contested shots, he can get to the basket… He can do it all. He can really do anything.”

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