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Li Fabin won the 61 kg weightlifting gold medal in the National Games

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Original title: Li Fabin won the 61 kg weightlifting gold medal at the National Games

(Reposted from Beiqing Net) On the afternoon of September 21, the 2021 Shaanxi National Games men’s weightlifting 61 kg finals ended at the Weinan Sports Center Gymnasium. Li Fabin, the gold medalist of the Tokyo Olympic Games and also representing the Fujian team, stood again. On the highest podium. The famous player successfully won the championship with a total of 311 kg in snatch and 170 kg in clean and jerk. This is also the first gold medal for men’s weightlifting at this National Games.

Mentioning Li Fabin’s name is familiar to anyone who has seen the Tokyo Olympics. At the age of 28, he finally managed to fight steadily after failing the first snatch. He relied on his excellent strength and excellent psychological quality to break the clean and jerk and the overall results of the Olympic Games. The record result finally won the championship and made a good start for the Chinese men’s weightlifting. In the clean and jerk competition, his single-leg support performance of “Golden Rooster Independent” was even more jaw-dropping, even though he said after the game that his own This action is not worth promoting, but for a long time, when everyone heard his name, in addition to the Olympic champion, they also thought of the handsome golden rooster independent posture. It can be said that this has become Li Fabin’s one. Labels and symbols.

Of course, being able to stand on the highest podium in the Olympics and the National Games, Li Fabin has not only the independent “unknowledge” of the Golden Rooster, but also the excellent basic skills that he has practiced day after day. Li Fabin, from Quanzhou, Fujian, was sent to a sports school by his family at the age of 9 to start weightlifting. After studying under the famous coach Chen Xiaoming in 2004, his weightlifting road began to go on the right track, although he was not tall and thin. It doesn’t look like that kind of weightlifter in the traditional sense, but because of his good physical fitness and great potential, Chen Xiaoming still firmly believes that this disciple can eventually become a good weightlifting seedling.

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After overcoming all the difficulties and hardships in the early days, since 2011, Li Fabin, who had practiced weightlifting for 7 years, began to emerge in various domestic and international competitions. When he represented China in the World Youth Championship for the first time, he won snatches and clean and jerk. With three gold medals in the total score, this greatly encouraged the young Li Fabin. Not only did he no longer have any fear of difficulties, his scores also soared.

Time came to 2019. At that time, Li Fabin became a world champion. At the same time, he also made himself a key team member of the Tokyo Olympic Games. Although the event was postponed for one year due to the epidemic, he was still outstanding at the Asian Championships. After playing, Li Fabin still locked a ticket to Tokyo, and the final result proved that he did not disappoint all those who supported him. The gold medal is the best feedback.

In the 61 kg class competition in the afternoon, Li Fabin performed steadily in the snatch competition. Although the third attempt to lift 143 kg failed, his 141 kg result also ranked second among all contestants, the distance first. The Beijing player Jia Xionghui has a gap of 6 kilograms. In the subsequent clean and jerk competition, Li Fabin performed more and more calmly, while the previous leader Jia Xionghui failed three attempts and was eliminated early. In the end, Li Fabin from Fujian won the gold medal in this event with a clean and jerk of 170 kg and a total score of 311 kg.Return to Sohu to see more

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