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Li Nan: two factors caused the team to be reversed

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Original title: Li Nan: Two factors caused the team to be reversed. Wu Guanxi: Inexplicably committed

Beijing time October 31 news, today, Jiangsu men’s basketball team lost 86-91 to Qingdao men’s basketball team, after the game, Jiangsu men’s basketball coach Li Nan said when talking about the loss of the game, two factors caused the team to suffer a major reversal. When Wu Guanxi talked about losing and fouling out of the game, he said that there were some fouls that he didn’t understand at the time, so he came down inexplicably.

“We played three good quarters, and we still didn’t stand up at the end of the fourth quarter. There are two main reasons, one is to fight such a tough fight, and the main scoring points in the fourth quarter are relatively few. The second is Wu Guanxi’s. Leaving the game full of fouls has a great impact on us, first of all on the inside height, including rebounds and offensive and defensive ends. This is the turning point of the game, and we will summarize it.” When talking about the loss of the game, Li Nan said.

After Wu Guanxi’s 6 fouls, the game changed suddenly. Regarding the loss and his own full departure, Wu Guanxi said: “I feel very regretful. I need to look at the video when I go back. Because I didn’t understand some of the fouls on the court, I would come down inexplicably. I will focus on the next game.”Return to Sohu to see more


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