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Manchester United preview: Ronnick’s first show as Ronaldo’s core position or shaken_Sancho_Games_欧冠

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Original title: Manchester United preview: Ronaldo’s core position in his first show may be shaken

At 22:00 on the evening of December 5th, Beijing time, the 15th round of the 2021-22 Premier League is about to kick off. Manchester United will play at the Old Trafford Stadium against the Crystal Palace. This game is Rangnick’s first game after taking office. What kind of answer will the German coach hand over on the field?

History of confrontation

In history, the two sides played 50 times, and Manchester United had the absolute upper hand with 31 wins, 11 draws and 8 losses. At Old Trafford Stadium, the two sides played against each other 26 times, and Manchester United had the upper hand with 17 wins, 4 draws and 5 losses. In the past 17 matches between the two sides, Manchester United has 12 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses to have the absolute upper hand. Last season, the two sides faced off in two rounds. Manchester United lost to their opponents 1-3 at home, and scored 0-0 with their opponents in the away game.

Aspect 1: Rangnick’s debut after taking office

Manchester United is going through a turbulent season this season, Rangnick is already Manchester United’s third coach this season. Carrick gave Manchester United a different style in the position of interim coach. Facing the three strong teams of Villarreal, Chelsea and Arsenal, they won an unbeaten record of 2 wins and 1 tie. Manchester United ultimately failed to give Carrick more opportunities. After Rangnick came to the team, Carrick officially resigned from all his positions in Manchester United. At this stage, Manchester United has officially entered the Rangnick era. It can be said that Rangnick’s first show encountered the ordinary Crystal Palace at home. What kind of answer will Rangnick hand over?

Aspect 2: C Luo Ying’s test

In the last round of the game against Arsenal, Ronaldo scored twice and finally helped Manchester United beat Arsenal by a score of 3-2. At the same time, the number of goals scored by Ronaldo in his career has also come to the 800-goal era. In this campaign against Crystal Palace, will Ronaldo still have a high-light performance? It is worth mentioning that Ronaldo played 16 games for Manchester United this season, scoring 12 goals, of which 6 goals came from the Premier League and 6 came from the Champions League. In addition to 12 goals, Cristiano Ronaldo also scored two assists. It can be said that when Manchester United is now faltering, Ronaldo alone is carrying the team forward. However, Rangnick puts more emphasis on the frontcourt, which is a test for the veteran Ronaldo.

Aspect 3: Can Sancho be entrusted with important tasks?

This summer, Manchester United spent 85 million euros to introduce the Bundesliga assist king Sancho from Dortmund. But the England international played very little time under Suo Shuai. In the two games after Suo Shuai finished school, Sancho scored goals against Chelsea and the Champions League, proving his worth. Sancho has a good offensive awareness and passing ability. As the core of Dortmund’s organization, Sancho feeds the offensive core of Dortmund such as Harland and Royce. Rangnick has coached in the Bundesliga for many years, and he knows Sancho’s personal abilities. From this perspective, after Rangnick came to the team, Sancho would naturally be entrusted with an important task. As for whether the superstar can form a dual-core with B Fee, it will give him greater support behind Ronaldo. We can only wait and see.

Aspect 4: How to solve Manchester United’s defensive problems

Due to Varane’s injury, Manchester United’s defense has been unable to reassure fans. At this stage, Rangnick has come to the team. How does the German coach solve Manchester United’s defensive problems? Should you use Maguire to partner Lindelof, or Maguire to partner Bailey, should you use a three-back or four-back? One thing is certain is that Crystal Palace has a good offensive level, Manchester United still need to guard against overturning the gutter, after all, this London-based team also defeated Manchester City before.

Injury report

Manchester United: Varane (injury), Pogba (injury), Cavani (injury), Luke Shaw (suspected injury)

Crystal Palace: MacArthur (injury), Ferguson (injury), Ward (stop), Anderson (suspected injury)

Pre-match sound

Rangnick: My main goal is to bring more balance to the team. We conceded 2 goals yesterday. If you look at the average number of goals conceded per game, yes, almost conceded 2 goals per game, which is too much. Too much. This is not the game we want. For me, I need to minimize some coincidences. After all, this is a competition to win the game, and I am very ambitious about it. We want to create a season as successful as possible. But now, we must be realistic. We are far from the top three. But in the end, let’s take a look.

Predicted starter

Manchester United (4-3-1-2): De Gea/Teles, Maguire, Lindelof, Dalot/Vanderbeck, Fred, McTominay/B Fee/Marcia Ronaldo

Crystal Palace (4-3-3): Guaita/Tomkins, Guy, Anderson, Mitchell/Milivojevic, Kuyat, Olis/Jordan-Ayo, Gallagher, Zha whatReturn to Sohu to see more


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