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Match day: Manchester City wins the FA Cup, Messi Benzema and Shui Ye score in the farewell game – yqqlm

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Match day: Manchester City wins the FA Cup, Messi Benzema and Shui Ye score in the farewell game – yqqlm

Original title: Match Day: Manchester City wins the FA Cup, Messi Benzema and Shui Ye scored in the farewell game

In the past weekend, the five major leagues have been exciting and colorful. La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1 all ushered in the finale. Players such as Messi, Ramos, Busquets and Benzema all ushered in farewell games. The following are the best players and best lineups of the weekend selected by Sohu Sports, and an analysis of the latest status of the major leagues.

Best player: Gundogan (Manchester City)

The Manchester Derby appeared on the stage of the FA Cup final for the first time. As a result, Gundogan blitzed the goal in 13 seconds and helped Manchester City get off to a fantastic start. In the end, his two goals helped the team beat Manchester United 2-1 and win the Won the second championship of the season and continued to march towards the Triple Crown. Such a performance deserves to be the best player of the week.

Best lineup (4-3-3):Courtois (Real Madrid)/Zefane (Clermont), Vidal (Ajaccio), Romagnoli (Lazio), Zalewski (Roma)/Vega (Celta), Gundogan (Manchester City), De Bruyne (Manchester City)/Kupmenas (Atalanta), Budimir (Osasuna), Nkunku (Leipzig Red Bull)

In the defensive position. Real Madrid goalkeeper Courtois saved Besga’s penalty and made 8 saves throughout the game, helping the team draw with Athletic Bilbao 1-1. The Galacticos finally ended the season as the runner-up in La Liga. In Clermont’s 3-2 away game against Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1, the visiting team’s full-back Zefane scored an equalizer goal when the team fell behind 1-2, laying the foundation for the team’s final comeback. Centre-back Vidal’s lone goal gave Ajaccio a 1-0 home win over third-placed Marseille in one of the few bright spots of the relegated side’s season. In Lazio’s 2-0 away victory over Empoli, central defender Romagnoli opened the door for the team’s victory. This victory allowed the Blue Eagles to lock in the Serie A runner-up. Full-back Zalewski equalized the score when the team fell behind 0-1, helping Roma finally reversed Spezia 2-1 at home, thus securing the sixth place in Serie A and qualifying for the Europa League.

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In the midfield position. Vega’s two goals helped Celta beat Barcelona, ​​the champion of La Liga this season, 2-1 at home, thus successfully relegation. Gundogan and De Bruyne occupy the other two midfield seats in the best team of this period. The former scored 2 goals, while the latter sent 2 assists. The two midfielders were perfectly connected to help Manchester City 2-1 at home. Lectra Manchester United, won the FA Cup, won the second crown of the season, and marched towards the Triple Crown.

In the forward position. Kupmenas scored a hat-trick and sent an assist to help Atlanta beat Monza 5-2 at home, thus finishing fifth in Serie A and qualifying for the Europa League. Budimir’s two goals helped Osasuna beat Girona 2-1 at home, and then caught the last train of the European war and qualified for the European Cup. In the German Cup final, Nkunku made a pass and made a contribution, helping the Leipzig Red Bull beat Frankfurt 2-0 to win the championship.

FA Cup

In the FA Cup final, De Bruyne assisted Gundogan twice to help Manchester City take the lead twice. B Fee’s penalty kick once helped the team equalize. In the end, Manchester City beat Manchester United 2-1 and won their second championship of the season. Next, Manchester City will fully prepare for the Champions League final with Inter Milan, heading towards the Triple Crown.

La Liga

In the last round of La Liga, Real Madrid drew 1-1 at home with Athletic Bilbao. Since Atletico Madrid drew 2-2 away with Villarreal, it meant that the Galaxy Battleship won the runner-up of La Liga; in this round of competition, Real Madrid captain Benzema and Barcelona captain Busquets both ushered in farewell games, in which Benzema scored the last goal in the Galacticos.

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In fact, there are two final suspense in La Liga, one is the European Cup qualification, and the other is the last relegation seat. Due to the draw with Athletic Bilbao, after defeating Girona 2-1 at home, Osasuna took the last train in the European war and qualified for the European Cup. In terms of relegation, Valladolid drew 0-0 with Getafe in the relegation life-and-death battle. The former, which was ranked third from the bottom, failed to create a miracle at home and was finally relegated with the Spaniard and Elche; At the same time, Getafe, Celta Vigo, Almeria, Valencia and Cadiz all succeeded in relegation in the final round.

Champions League qualifications: Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Real Sociedad, Sevilla (Europa League champions)

Europa League qualification: Villarreal, Betis

Europa League qualification: Osasuna

Relegation: Elche, Espanyol, Valladolid

Serie A

In the last round of Serie A, the top four teams all won, so there is no change in position. Naples, who won the championship early, ranked first, Lazio won the runner-up, Inter Milan and AC Milan ranked third and fourth. In the qualifying battle for the Europa League and the Europa League, the three teams ranked fifth to seventh also won. Atalanta and Roma qualified for the Europa League, and Juventus, which was penalized, could only qualify for the seventh Named for the European Cup. In terms of relegation, since both Spezia and Verona, who have the same 31 points, lost, according to relevant rules, the two sides will have a relegation play-off to determine which team is relegated.

Champions League qualification: Naples, Lazio, Inter Milan, AC Milan

Europa League qualification: Atalanta, Roma

Europa League qualification: Juventus

Relegation playoffs: Spezia, Verona

Relegated: Cremonese, Sampdoria

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german cup

Nkunku scored a pass and Soboszroy scored a goal. The Leipzig Red Bull defeated Frankfurt 2-0 to win the championship and achieved two consecutive German Cup championships. This game also settled the Bundesliga’s European qualification distribution. Frankfurt, which finished second in the German Cup and seventh in the Bundesliga, qualified for the Europa League, while Leverkusen, which ranked sixth, qualified for the Europa League.

Champions League qualification: Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig, Union Berlin

Europa League qualification: Freiburg, Leverkusen

Europa League qualification: Bayer Leverkusen

Ligue 1

In the last round of Ligue 1, Paris Saint-Germain’s two major stars Messi and Ramos both ushered in a farewell game, and both of them scored goals, but they were reversed by Clermont 2-3 at home. Before the start of the last round of Ligue 1, there are only two suspense left in the league, one is the allocation of the Europa League and the Europa League, and the other is relegation. In the European war, Monaco lost 1-2 at home to Toulouse, and they finally missed the European war in sixth place. After defeating Brest 2-1 in the away game, Rennes secured the fourth place in Ligue 1 and qualified for the Europa League. Lille After a 1-1 away draw with Troyes, they qualified for the Europa League in fifth place. In terms of relegation, after Auxerre lost 1-3 at home to Nantes, they were overtaken by Nantes, who won the last round, and then relegated.

Champions League qualification: Paris Saint-Germain, Lens, Marseille

Europa League qualification: Toulouse (French Cup champion), Reina

Europa League qualification: Lille

Relegation: Auxerre, Ajaccio, Troyes, Angers

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