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Men’s 25-meter pistol rapid fire: Li Yuehong picks copper, Lin Junmin sixth

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In the men’s 25-meter pistol rapid-fire competition at the Tokyo Olympics, Chinese player Li Yuehong, who entered the final, broke into the top three and won a bronze medal. Lin Junmin performed poorly in the final and finished sixth.

The men’s 25-meter pistol rapid-fire competition is one of the oldest events in the modern Olympic Games. It was listed as a competition event as early as the first Olympic Games in 1896. The Chinese team has never won a gold or silver medal in this event. The best results are the bronze medals won by Ding Feng and Li Yuehong at the 2012 Olympics and 2016 Olympics respectively.

The top 6 qualifiers entered the finals. Lin Junmin played 584 rings in the qualifying round, ranking fourth. Li Yuehong scored 582 rings, squeezing out two opponents with the same number of rings but fewer small points to rank sixth, and advanced to the ranks in a thrilling manner.

In the finals, a contestant completes 5 rapid shots in each group within 4 seconds, and each round of 9.7 or more is counted as a “middle.” The 6 players first played 5 rounds in each of the four groups, and the player with the lowest number of hits was eliminated and became 6th. Since then, each group of 5 rounds will eliminate one player, 8 groups of 40 rounds, and the final winner will be determined.

In the first group, Lin Junmin only played 2 of them, ranking last, and in the second group, he hit 3 of them. Since then, in the two groups, he hit 3 and 4 respectively, lagging behind 5th and 2nd. He was the first to be eliminated and only finished sixth.

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Li Yuehong scored 3, 4, 4 and 4 in the first four groups, and tied for third place with 15. In the 5th group, he scored 4 again, rising to a tie for second place, but lagging behind the top French star Jean QUIQUAMPOIX in 2. In the 5th group, Li Yuehong only scored 3 of them and broke into the top three after knocking out a Korean player 4-3 through the same point playoff. However, because the total score has fallen behind, although he hit 4 in the subsequent group, he failed to reverse the backward situation and won a bronze medal. Quicampo won the gold medal in the event, and Cuban Pupo won a silver medal.

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