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Neuer after surgery for melanoma returns to the Bundesliga

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Neuer after surgery for melanoma returns to the Bundesliga

After a long hiatus with a shoulder problem and surgery for skin cancer, Bayern’s number one returns to the Bundesliga today. And Germany too breathes a sigh of relief

A double sigh of relief. Although a delayed bursting one. Manuel Neuer is back on the pitch today. He will defend Bayern Munich’s goal in the away match in Berlin against Hertha. The German goalkeeper overcame shoulder problems. He was struggling to move her, his mobility was significantly reduced. Reason for which, since last 8 October (against Dortmund), he has remained at rest. With the World Cup at the gates it was feared that the Bavarian goalkeeper would have to raise the white flag, but he recovered in time. “I’m fine, I’m ready”. Consequently, he is also confident as regards his presence in Qatar: “The situation seems to be positive”.

the revelation

In recent days, Bayern’s number 1 had also said that he had to undergo three facial operations to eradicate a form of skin cancer, a facial melanoma. “Since we always train and play outdoors, and also love to spend our free time in nature, it is essential to protect ourselves from the sun’s rays”, he explained, underlining the importance of prevention. He solved the problem. Exactly like the one on the shoulder. And in Germany they breathe a double sigh of relief.

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