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Not just a joint name, PUMA basic models are also very exciting | PUMA | Street | Wearing_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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Not just a joint name, PUMA basic models are also very exciting | PUMA | Street | Wearing_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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Original title: Not just a joint name, PUMA’s basic models are also very exciting

From announcing at the beginning of the year to join hands with fashion icon Rihanna again, to frequent cultural exchanges with different fields, PUMA’s fashion offensive this year seems to be uninterrupted, from trendy street brands, fashion designers, artists to well-known sneaker stores and fashion labels. .

The extremely creative joint shoes naturally become the focus of people’s attention, but in fact, the shoes selected by the joint are also very particular. As a carrier to support the creativity of both parties, a suitable blueprint is naturally the primary consideration for the cooperation between the two parties. So we went back to PUMA’s joint topic this year, focusing on the joint blueprint shoes, and understanding a pair of classic shoes from different levels.

  King Avanti


As a classic event between the brand and the popular actress, the cooperation between Rihanna X PUMA has become a model in the industry. The first pair of Creeper that year defeated the YEEZY series, which was in the limelight at the time, and won the ‘2016 Best Sneaker of the Year’ selected by Footwear News. ‘title. This time the two sides continued their relationship, and the exposed joint King Avanti shoes naturally became the object of media attention.

  FENTY x PUMA  King Avanti

Speaking of King Avanti, this is not a new shoe from 0 to 1 like the original Creeper, but a pair of classics that have long been in the PUMA archives.

A stylish shoe and a shoe for football fans, the King Avanti was created in 1998 by the PUMA design team in collaboration with renowned designer Jill Sander. Its design is inspired by the PUMA King football boot series, which has a long history and reputation in the football world.

In 2018, PUMA launched the King Avanti Premium

The King Avanti blends classic football boot elements with modern street style, featuring a low-cut design and premium leather materials for comfort and durability, plus the PUMA logo and details on the body add a sense of fashion, making it Ideal for street wear.

  King Avanti Legends Pack

  King Avanti Trophy

In football leagues and events, King Avanti is an active shoe model. In the last World Cup, it paid tribute to three legendary stars wearing PUMA boots in football history, and launched three different color matching “Legends Pack” themed King Avanti series. , and then at the closing moment of the World Cup, PUMA brought an all-gold King Avanti. The gorgeous visual impact of gilding is unforgettable, and King Avanti, which represents football culture, is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

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Founded in 2015, PLEASURES is known for its unique design style and spirit. The design inspiration of its works comes from various fields such as music, art and culture. The brand is good at using bold patterns, bright colors and eye-catching details to show Rebellion, freedom and creative spirit.

  PUMA x PLEASURES Velophasis

PLEASURES’ street style and unique design concepts are favored by young people and fashion lovers. Their products have been widely welcomed and recognized around the world, and they have cooperated with many well-known brands and artists. Among them, the brand-new co-branded shoes are jointly launched with PUMA. Based on the PUMA shoe type Velophasis, the brand’s understanding of subcultural symbols in the music field is integrated into it, and the co-branded shoes with millennial retro cultural characteristics are created through the dyeing process.

  PUMA x PLEASURES Velophasis

The Velophasis is a fresh and hot PUMA shoe, arriving earlier this year as a composite sneaker with a retro aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from the iconic COMPLETE silhouette of the millennium era from PUMA’s archives, the Velophasis was built for running and has driven several revolutionary models including iCELL, e+CELL and EverRide The revolutionary brand technology development still benefits runners all over the world. On this basis, Velophasis is deduced by incorporating Y2K’s aesthetic visual language.

  PUMA Velophasis

Asymmetrical design, honeycomb mesh fabric combined with texture stitching and eye-catching line direction, forming an exaggerated, bold and fashionable shoe style. After joint fermentation and star exposure, Velophasis has been successfully promoted to the most high-profile shoe in 2023. One of the vintage shoes.



As close friends, PUMA and RHUDE manager and designer Rhuigi launched the fourth cooperation this year, launching a new joint series with the theme of ‘New York Worldwide’, using PUMA CLYDE MID shoes as the prototype, in the classic Under the blue and white color scheme, the details of the ‘old’ sole design are incorporated.

  PUMA x RHUIGI Clyde Mid

Compared with the above shoes, the shape of this pair of PUMA Clyde Mid is obviously much gentler. Although there is no eye-catching upper structure, the historical background of the PUMA Clyde series gives it a strong street flavor and trendy attributes, conveying the most authentic retro Sneaker charm.

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Speaking of the highlight moment of PUMA shoes, you may think of the PUMA Atom at the foot of the ball king Bailey for the first time, but in the field of basketball, PUMA Clyde also carries important significance. It is built for Knicks star guard Walter Frazier PUMA Clyde, the first pair of signature sneakers in NBA history, was born.

Walter Fraser and his signature PUMA Clyde

The PUMA Clyde pioneered signature sneakers and paved the way for the Air Jordan line that followed.



This year coincides with PUMA’s 75th anniversary. The brand celebrates its 75th anniversary in the field of sports, culture and innovation through a series of activities held throughout the year. The cooperation with labels that carry different sneaker cultures reflects PUMA’s role in youth pop culture. fusion between.

Last month, PUMA teamed up with MITA SNEAKERS, a well-known sneaker store in Tokyo, Japan, to launch a new DISC BLAZE joint shoe model inspired by the giant panda in Tokyo’s Ueno Zoo to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the birth of the shoe.

The most special feature of DISC BLAZE shoes is the iconic knob lacing system Disc System and the shock absorption system Trinomic System. This shoe was first launched in 1993. It was the world’s first pair of running shoes without shoelaces at that time, only relying on the Disc System system Twist the disc’s built-in thread to tighten the upper.

DISC BLAZE shoes were born with great success, and they were deeply famous. It was not until 2009 that the first joint re-enactment was ushered in. In 2013, PUMA launched the classic Disc Blaze OG, limited color matching and many joint names. The styles are very successful, making this pair of pioneering Disc BLAZ return to the street with a new look. It not only incorporates the innovative technology of the 90s, but also has a more fashionable appearance, and has successfully taken the lead in the retro shoe industry.


PUMA x Juun.J

  PUMA x Juun.J Plexus

Korean fashion culture, which is highly appreciated for its innovation and diversity, has been exporting many new inspirations and trends to the global fashion industry. In April this year, PUMA joined hands with Korean designer Juun.J to launch a new joint shoe model, based on Juun.J The brand’s iconic dark color aesthetics reinterprets the Plexus shoe shape, creating a structural aesthetic full of black glossy texture.

The Plexus shoe is also the new face of PUMA in 2023, drawing inspiration from the pioneering Mostro shoe model in the brand’s historical archives, using elements such as mixed fabrics, color stitching and conspicuous structure, and with its unique lacing structure, Create a unique aesthetic design.

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  PUMA Plexus

In particular, the iconic shoe side runway is outlined by the lace-up design of the shoe body, which not only inherits the brand identity, but also shows the high-quality handmade texture. Because of the new shoes, there are only a few Plexus shoes in color at present, but Plexus has such an outstanding design and high popularity, I believe PUMA will launch more rich colors for it in the future.




As a sports brand that ‘understands music’, PUMA has profound exchanges with music culture, and its Suede shoes are one of the most representative items in Hip-Hop culture. Among the items in the recent capsule series jointly launched by PUMA and RHUIGI, the two sides reshaped the iconic Suede shoe shape to pay tribute to New York City culture and commemorate the 50th anniversary of the birth of hip-hop culture.

In the 1970s when Hip-Hop and B-BOY were popular, SUEDE became famous. With its excellent sole technology and simple and smooth classic shape, PUMA became the representative of hip-hop culture and was favored by many people.

In 1984, SUEDE appeared in the famous movie “Jazz Street”. In 2007, the skateboard version of PUMA S was born; in 2011, SUEDE’s advanced handmade shoes were born; in 2018, the special edition of SUEDE Classic B-BOY brought back the 80s when break dancing was popular… . Although SUEDE has gone through half a century, it still has super popularity!

Today, Suede has become an irreplaceable classic of PUMA. Its classic design, diverse matching options and comfortable wearing sense have captured a large number of fans.

At the moment when the quantity of the joint name is small, a shoe is hard to find, or the premium is high, it is also a good choice to start with the basic blueprint shoe model. If you still have PUMA shoe models worth sharing in your heart, you may wish to leave a message to share.

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