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Peng Cheng/Wang Lei Win the Championship in Pairs Skating

Blooming in the Winter Games, there are still dreams in the heart

China Sports News reporter Tian Jie

After winning the runner-up in pairs skating in the “Thirteen Winters”, Wang Lei never expected to stand on the highest podium of the National Winter Games. A year ago, Peng Cheng, who was confused about the future, could not imagine such a moment. Partnering for a year, Peng Cheng/Wang Lei used their tenacity and perseverance to open a new chapter in each other’s careers.

In the “Fourteenth Winter” figure skating open group free skating competition on February 25, Peng Cheng/Wang Lei, who ranked first in the short program, played last. This was their fourth game in five days, and they played before them. Tianjin team players Zhang Jiaxuan/Huang Yihang scored a high score of 126.98 points. In the opening jump, Peng Cheng fell; in the consecutive jump, Peng Cheng’s first jump was not completed well, which affected the continuity of subsequent movements. However, in the short program, the two performed flawlessly on the toss. Lifts, spirals, and twists are also clean and clear. During the long equal section, Peng Cheng was a little nervous. The “eternal problem” single jump once again held her back, which made her blame herself. In the end, Peng Cheng/Wang Lei scored 126.62 points in their free skate, plus their previous short program score of 71.77 points. They won the hard-won gold medal with a total score of 198.39 points.

Injury problems are one thing, but Peng Cheng believes that he failed to perform at his best in the free skate and still had too many ideas. “The desire for gold medals, the desire for results, and the desire for scores disrupted my own position.” Peng Cheng said, “Although I didn’t watch the competition of the previous players, I knew they performed very well. Before going on the field, I also told I have to focus on my performance, unfortunately, I still didn’t do my best today.”

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Wang Lei patted Peng Cheng on the shoulder. He returned to the competition at the age of 35 and won the Winter Games championship. He was very grateful to Peng Cheng for his trust and dedication. This season, from deciding to come back and partnering with Peng Cheng to participating in many domestic and foreign competitions, Wang Lei’s wrist injury has become more and more serious. Every lift is heart-wrenching, but he always takes the responsibility for his mistakes and gives The greatest compliment from a companion. After the short program, the two ranked first. Wang Lei said: “I would give 10 points for Peng Cheng’s performance. Instead, I hesitated during the triple jump. Peng Cheng landed very well and corrected my mistake.” question.

After the free skate, facing Peng Cheng’s self-blame, Wang Lei said: “We have always encouraged each other. It doesn’t matter if we fail. The main thing is to be able to grow from setbacks and prepare for the next competition.” Wang Lei used his efforts to explain what he thought The spirit of “optimism and hard work.”

Peng Cheng believes that “not giving up” is the sportsmanship he abides by. “I am now considered a big sister on the field.” 26-year-old Peng Cheng said, “I also grew up as a little sister. Along the way, I saw many talented players around me retire very early. Maybe it was in some games. It was a pity that I chose to give up at the right time.” Peng Cheng considers herself not a talented player, but the reasons that support her persistence are firstly because of love, and secondly because she still has dreams in her heart.

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After the “Fourteen Winters” competition, they will go to Canada to prepare for the World Championships to be held on March 18. (Hulunbuir, February 25)

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