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People around Dembele: Barcelona say they have no money to renew but they want to sign Harland

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Original title: People around Dembele: Barcelona says they have no money to renew but they want to sign Harland

In Dembele’s contract renewal negotiations, the French and Barcelona basically fell apart. The crux of the problem lies in Dembeleso’s unrealistic salary. Dembele asked for a pre-tax annual salary of 40 million euros, as well as a signature fee of 20 million euros. Barcelona originally hoped that Dembele could cut his salary in order to register for Ferran Torres, but the French shouted a sky-high price.

After Dembele renewed his contract and talked about it, the words of those around him were also exposed by Sear Radio. When talking about the failure of this renewal, the people around Dembele said: “Barça said they have no money to renew their contract now, but they want to sign Harland tomorrow!”

This idea obviously stems from the fact that people around Dembele didn’t understand La Liga’s salary cap regulations. The salary cap of each season in La Liga is directly determined by the total income and profit and loss of the previous season. Due to all empty games last season, Barcelona ticket revenue was zero, and excessive salary expenditure also led to a serious financial crisis for the club, which caused Barcelona’s salary cap to plummet this season. In this case, Barcelona had to send Messi away because it was unable to complete the contract renewal within the salary cap. At the beginning of the season, the four Barcelona captains accepted a substantial pay cut, which allowed Aguero, Depay, Eric Garcia and other new players to register successfully. In this season, Barcelona did not have enough wages to raise Dembele’s salary.

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Compared to last season, Barcelona’s economic situation is bound to improve substantially this season. As soon as fans can come to the Nou Camp to watch, this has brought huge ticket revenue to Barcelona. Secondly, with the departure of high-paid players like Messi and Griezmann, Barcelona’s overall salary has been greatly reduced. Compared with this season, Barcelona’s salary for next season will be greatly increased, and the increase in income will also make the Barcelona transfer budget significantly increased. In this case, Barcelona does have the ability to pursue Harland.Return to Sohu to see more


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