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Premier League | Haaland picks up the baton from Shearer and Cole’s untouchable records

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Premier League |  Haaland picks up the baton from Shearer and Cole’s untouchable records

05/05/2023 at 13:19


Haaland’s 35 goals surpass the historic marks of Andy Cole and Alan Shearer in the Premier League

Despite the fact that the Premier has had forwards like Henry, Drogba, Eric Cantona or Bergkamp, ​​none came close to the current figures of the Norwegian

The Norwegian forward of Manchester City, Erling Haaland, surpassed with 35 goals, the historical record of Andy Cole, of Manchester United, and Alan Shearer, of Newcastle, as the top scorer in a season in the Premier, founded in 1992. With twenty-two years and still five days to play, Haaland has already reached that record. The penalty converted against Fulham, which set City’s victory on track, led the Norwegian to raise his tally of goals to 34 so far in the league this year and against West Ham he scored 35, surpassing any other player in the competition. in a campaign.

The Norwegian, who has 51 goals in all competitions, left behind the records of the aforementioned Andy Cole and Alan Shearer, who scored 34 in the 1993-1994 and 1994-1995 seasons, respectively, although, yes, in leagues of 42 parties and not 38 like the current one. In his first campaign in the Premier, Haaland has pulverized all the scoring records and still has games ahead of him to frame a historic figure.

To his 35 goals in the Premier we must add the twelve he has in the Champions League, in which he could still play three more games, three in the FA Cup, in which he will play the final against Manchester United, and one in the League Cup. ANDn the horizon, Haaland still has several records to compete for this season, such as Cristiano Ronaldo’s 17 goals in the same ‘Champions’, or the five ‘hat tricks’ that Alan Shearer scored in Premier League in 1995.

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Heading for the Ballon d’Or?

According to Betfair bettors, Haaland being the Ballon d’Or in 2023 thanks to his current records is paid at 2.75 per euro bet that he achieves it when just a week ago it was 8 per euro bet. The 36.4% implicit probability that this quota grants him is his highest index since the fight began with the ’10’. Messi continues to be the great favorite among bettors, but with less and less margin. For the Argentine to win the Ballon d’Or is paid at 1.44 per euro bet, his worst odds since the World Cup ended and Haaland’s best.

Citing Andy Cole and Alan Shearer are big words in what Haaland has already overcome. It is to surpass marks of footballers who were not surpassed later by myths like Eric Cantona, Thierry Henry or Didier Drogba. Shearer joined Blackburn from Southampton, after paying £4.5m. With the Harlequins he achieved the greatest feat in the club’s history: winning the Premier League 1994-1995, with subsequent participation in the UEFA Champions League.

best shearer

In the four years he was playing at Ewood Park, Shearer scored 114 goals (112 in Premier) and 22 assists in all competitions. He already had 123 goals in just eight years in elite football, which makes an average of 15.8 goals per season. With those numbers it was impossible to stay much longer in a club like Blackburn, so he finally returned to Newcastle to play for the team he loved, where he would stay for ten years and eventually become manager..

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At the northeastern club he finished expanding his legend, scoring 196 goals (148 in the Premier) and giving 55 assists in all competitions. These figures allowed him to become the forward with the most goals in the history of the Premier League. He sacrificed titles, money and his career in the national team to preserve his physique in the black and white team. He does not regret having stayed, even if he had earned more elsewhere, as he has reiterated on numerous occasions. He did not win any title with the club he loves, but he did play several matches in European competition, without getting too far in the tournament.

Andy Cole, de Newcastle al United

Andy Cole’s case was also epochal and with parallels to Haaland’s current start. He had broken through at Newcastle, scoring a staggering 68 goals in just 74 games, including 41 in the 1992-93 season in the English second division. Once unleashed, and with the advantage of the indications of Cantona, Giggs and Sharpe, his game was what everyone dreamed of, and justified every penny of his transfer of £6.25 million, the record to date..

That first season saw Cole score a staggering five goals in a crushing 9-0 win over Ipswich Town at Old Trafford – a score that remains the best in Premier League history, both as an individual record and as a record. of team. Cole netted 11 goals in league games en route to the 1995-96 title, to snatch it in highly memorable fashion from the hands of his old Newcastle teammates.

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Cole and Yorke were dynamite together, scoring 35 goals between them in league games as United marched relentlessly to their treble. Yorke’s artistry and strength, Cole’s pace and killer instincts combined unforgettably at Nottingham Forest in February 1999 in an 8-1 victory, remembered also for his brief four-goal appearance as a substitute for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer..

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