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Petro again refused to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

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Petro again refused to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

The war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for a little over a year and a few months and, although several leaders from around the world have issued energetic messages of protest against this situation, the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, has maintained an ambiguous position regarding the Vladimir Putin’s aggression, which has brought him serious questions.

Precisely, during his state visit to Spain, the president was questioned about the warlike actions that Russian President Vladimir Putin has undertaken against the Ukrainian nation. In this regard, Petro criticized the discourse of some countries in Europe and Asia, and even the United States itself, because throughout history -said the president- they have committed similar situations against other territories.

“How do we see the issue (of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict)? We are not interested in that war continuing. The speech that talks about going against invasions of some countries against others does not sound frank to us when the same ones that are rejecting those invasions have carried out invasions against other countries,” Gustavo Petro asserted in dialogue with the Spanish newspaper El País.

There, he assured that he was not referring only to the invasions that have been experienced in the Middle East and that was when he recalled that the North American giant, which is currently governed by Joe Biden, has taken its military actions to countries on the Latin American continent since the last century.

In fact, although the Government of Panama scolded Colombian Foreign Minister Álvaro Leyva for joking about the crisis that led that country to break away from Colombia, Petro assured that this was mainly due to the hand of the United States in that old economic and political.

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“You have an England that invades the Malvinas. You have the United States that have invaded (the capital of the Dominican Republic) Santo Domingo, that have invaded Granada Island, that have invaded Panama which, for the Colombian people, is a historical fact that has not yet been overcome,” added the head of State.

Following that response, the director of the Iberian outlet, Pepa Bueno, asked the president if the US invasions of other nations justify the bombing of Ukraine. Petro denied it and threw some darts at his Russian counterpart; however, his new answer woke up more dark than light.

“What I say is that (the other countries) do not justify the speech because the speech of attacking Russia because it invades, should have started by themselves,” questioned the President of the Republic.

As he has done on other occasions, and despite the fact that he was recently seen smiling alongside the US president during his official state visit to that country, Gustavo Petro recalled that that nation disassociated itself from the treaty that sought to penalize it, by the community internationally, aggressions such as those currently weighing against Ukraine, governed by Volodimir Zelensky.

“We once proposed that the crime of invasion, of international aggression, be considered a crime against humanity. The United States opposed it and removed that issue from the International Criminal Court. The United States does not belong to that treaty and has to do with that discussion,” added the president of all Colombians.

In other parts of his answers, Petro even referred to the request that various Latin American countries have made to sign agreements after the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. It was there that he pointed out one of his international opponents, former President Donald Trump, whom the Colombian president accused of wanting to invade Venezuela, hand in hand with the government of Iván Duque.

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“I’m not talking about something foreign to us. At one point, the Trump government talked about invading Venezuela through Colombia when we have been a brother country almost with blood unity. I don’t know if it’s the same case in Ukraine and Russia, but they look alike,” the president explained to El País. with Infobae

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