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Professional ability shows the strength of sports public welfare, Anta helps young people realize their sports dreams-Qianlong.com.cn

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Professional ability shows the strength of sports public welfare, Anta helps young people realize their sports dreams-Qianlong.com.cn

Source title: Professional ability shows the strength of sports public welfare, Anta helps young people realize their sports dreams

On July 28th, 2022 Anta Sports Camp Dream Basketball Summer Camp and Football Summer Camp, sponsored by Anta Group and Shanghai True Love and Dream Public Welfare Foundation, officially ended in Jilin Province Orphan School, Baoqing County, Shuangya City, Heilongjiang Province, and Nangang City, Harbin City District, Fusong County, Baishan City, Jilin Province, Fushun City, Liaoning Province, Dexing City, Jiangxi Province, Changchun City, Jilin Province, and Jilin Province True Love Dream School, 120 small campers participated in the summer camp and gained happiness through professional sports. .

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Campers playing basketball in summer camp

“I haven’t seen you for a year, it seems that you have not grown up as a leader, have you improved your golf skills?”

“This girl is the player with the best sense of the ball. It only took a year and a half to master this level!” Hearing her affirmation, the 12-year-old girl from Fusong County, Jilin Province , Meng Yao (a pseudonym), known as a “talented player”, smiled shyly.

“Mr. Zhang said that when dribbling the ball, the center of gravity of the body should move downwards and at the same time accelerate the movement.” After being praised, she practiced dribbling repeatedly, carefully recalling what she had just learned. The essentials of various movement techniques: body posture, the angle of the hand hitting the ball, the stride span… The tacit cooperation of hands, feet, and body makes myself more and more confident. After a few days, I have been able to slap two left and right hands at the same time during running. Basketball, watching this action, became more and more skilled. Man-to-man defense has long been “a piece of cake” for her, and she can easily break through the heavy siege and make a layup.

One-on-one “PK” between small campers and coach Zhang Qingpeng

The campers surrounded this “special” teacher, while testing the last teaching results, while continuing to help the children improve their basketball skills, the old friends the children met again – Anta Charity Super A Partner, Tianjin Men’s Basketball Team Assistant coach Mr. Zhang Qingpeng led his coaching team to teach basketball skills to the campers face to face. This is the second time he has come to the basketball summer camp. As soon as he met the campers, he chatted cordially with the “familiar” children.

Zhang Qingpeng and the campers

“I’m here again, it’s like coming home, I’m not unfamiliar at all, some children have already had a very good sense of ball and ball in just one year, and many children have a very good understanding of basketball Competitive sports are all about fighting for victory. Basketball cultivates children’s desire to win and team spirit that requires close cooperation at all times. Everyone works together to achieve the ultimate goal. This kind of summer camp can help children develop the right sports Habits, in the future, I hope that I can continue to pass on this charm and warmth to more people with the help of the platform of Anta Public Welfare.” Zhang Qingpeng said.

Lou Xiaoxu is teaching normative movements

After the six-day dream basketball summer camp, Lou Xiaoxu, a former professional Chinese women’s football player, and Mr. Nie Yujiang, secretary-general of the Changchun Football Association, led the coaching team to bring the children another five-day football training. On the day of the opening of the camp, Lou Xiaoxu officially joined the big family of ANTA Charity Super A partners. She instructed the campers to play football face to face, shared her personal growth experience, and passed on the “women’s football spirit” of hard work and struggle. At the same time, this is the second time she has participated in the Anta Sports Camp Dream Football Summer Camp after 2021. Mr. Shi Zhenlu, an international referee and an active soldier from the Chinese Super League, also appeared in the event. Through his detailed explanation, the children fully understood the competition rules on the football field. Through the training of football knowledge and football skills, the campers can increase their attention and participation in football, ignite their enthusiasm for participating in the sport, and feel the spirit of football culture.

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Competitive rules on the international soccer field Children listen very carefully

“Pass the ball! Extraordinary!” “Steady, pay attention to your feet!”…

On the green field, the shouting continued, and the young football players went all out to dribble the ball and shoot.

The field is full of passion, and the offense and defense have their own merits. At this moment, the football field is the stage for them to pursue their dreams. The members of the girls’ football team of the orphan school are looking forward to and are seeing a bigger world through this sport… This team has been established for six years so far, and has participated in the Jilin Provincial Youth Football Championship. Many members have won the group championship and the third place. The high-achieving team has successfully sent out several players as “sports students”, and has long been famous.

Campers in a football game

They sweat like rain, their focused expressions, and their figures running fast on the green playground have become a unique scenery on the summer venue. The women’s football campers have already learned to cooperate with their teammates. Zhang Fan (pseudonym), who is called “Little Wangshuang” by the staff, is from Songyuan City, Jilin Province. She has joined the team for two years. Playing games, she fought against the boys with all her strength, without fear at all, and cooperated with the team members tacitly. After a game, she asked her how she felt. While wiping away her sweat, she said excitedly like a little adult: “Competitive sports Well, the spirit of competition on the field, friendship first off the field, and the hard work of teamwork are too important. I especially admire the players of the Chinese women’s football team. Believe in yourself, adjust your mentality in the face of adversity in time, aim for the goal, keep working hard, and you will definitely win!

Indeed, adversity never fails! The road to winning the championship of the Chinese women’s football team is not smooth. The women’s football girls insist on hard work, never give up, and come back against the wind. The drive to not admit defeat in difficult situations… And these are exactly what ANTA hopes to bring to children. The road to sports public welfare has a long way to go, using sports as a carrier to convey to them the sports spirit and character of optimism, self-confidence, perseverance and self-transcendence. , Create more opportunities for children with athletic talents to realize their dreams, let them feel the spirit of sports in sports, stimulate positive energy, and form a healthy lifestyle and sound personality, which is the original intention of Anta to do public welfare projects.

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