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Promoting Ice and Snow Sports: Liaoning Province Prepares for a Series of Events to Achieve the Goal of 10 Million Participants

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Help Achieve the Goal of “Driving 10 Million People to Participate in Ice and Snow Sports

Liaoning Province is gearing up for a series of exciting ice and snow events as the winter season approaches. With the aim of promoting the popularity of ice and snow sports and celebrating the success of ‘Shen Dong’, Liaoning’s bid to host the 15th National Winter Games in 2028, the province is set to host a range of activities to engage the masses.

The Shenyang Northeast Asia Ski Resort is currently working around the clock to complete its upgrade and renovation project by November 26, according to Zhang Zhenyu, the general manager. Similarly, Liaoyang Gongchangling Ski Resort is also under construction and will be opening its doors by the end of this month.

The upcoming winter snow season will also mark the commencement of ice and snow events in Liaoning Province. Wang Haiquan, Director of the Group Division of the Provincial Sports Bureau, stated that they have prepared a series of events with the theme of ice and snow Liaoning, aiming to help achieve the goal of “driving 10 million people to participate in ice and snow sports” and support the hosting of the 15th National Winter Games in 2028.

Wang Haiquan further revealed that Liaoning will rely on two series of events, namely the “Liaoning Province National Ice and Snow Games” and “Liaoning Province Millions of Citizens Going on Ice and Snow”, to increase the supply of mass ice and snow activities. The objective is to encourage more people to participate in ice and snow sports and experience the thrill and joy of such activities.

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The launching ceremony of the 5th National Ice and Snow Games of Liaoning Province and Shenyang City will be held next week, marking the beginning of another winter season filled with ice and snow festivities. This event, which has received widespread praise, has been held successfully four times since 2019, with nearly 100 related ice and snow events annually and a significant number of participants.

On November 26, a launching ceremony for a series of ice and snow activities for millions of citizens in Liaoning Province will be held at the Shenyang Northeast Asia Ski Resort. This event aims to mobilize the population of Liaoning Province to embrace ice and snow sports, making it a highlight of the winter season. The ceremony also coincides with the completion and commissioning of the upgrade project for the ski resort, which will significantly improve its reception capacity and service quality.

In addition to these events, Liaoning Province will host various ice and snow competitions and challenges, including the Liaoning Provincial Mass Ski Challenge, Liaoning Provincial Park Ice Rink Series Challenge, and Liaoning Gongchangling International Ski Invitational. There will also be figure skating championships, speed skating championships, and unique “ice and snow + sports + tourism” activities in different cities across the province.

The Provincial Sports Bureau recognizes the importance of capitalizing on the success of “Shenzhen Winter” and the increasing popularity of ice and snow sports. With the successful bid to host the National Winter Games as a starting point, Liaoning Province aims to make significant progress in ice and snow sports development. The goal is to involve 10 million people in ice and snow sports as soon as possible, contributing to the well-being and development of Liaoning Province.

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As the winter season approaches, citizens in Liaoning Province can look forward to an exciting array of ice and snow activities. From ski resorts to mass events and competitions, the province is dedicated to promoting the love for ice and snow sports and achieving its ambitious participation targets.

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