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Prospects | Blue Moon rushes to the championship and the Blue Army will protect the third! ! _Match_Manchester City_Chelsea

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Prospects | Blue Moon rushes to the championship and the Blue Army will protect the third!  ! _Match_Manchester City_Chelsea

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Leeds United vs Chelsea

Watching Tips

Competing time:May 12 (Thursday) 02:30

Recent trends

In a make-up match in the 33rd round of the Premier League, the “Youth Guards” Leeds United will be in town to host Chelsea, the Blues. This season, Leeds United’s performance is far less impressive than last season. At present, the team has only achieved 8 wins, 10 draws and 17 losses in 35 rounds of matches. But 39 goals were scored but 74 goals were conceded, trapped in the relegation zone with 34 points. The relegation situation is quite severe. The team has never won in the last three league rounds, falling into the relegation zone with losses to Manchester City and Arsenal in the last two. This time against Chelsea, the game may also be played.

The Blues squandered a huge lead and are currently narrowed by Arsenal and Tottenham. The Blues achieved a record of 19 wins, 10 draws and 6 losses, and still ranked third with 67 points, but only one point ahead of Arsenal and Tottenham. 5 points, similar to rivals Leeds United, the Blues have never won in their last three rounds. The team first drew with Manchester United, and then lost to Everton at home. Wolves drew 2-2 at home, with worrying state and low morale. The Blues desperately need a victory to turn the tide and prepare for the FA Cup final with a better mental state.

According to statistics from the German transfer market website, the two teams have met 69 times in history. However, the dominant team is not Chelsea, which has now become the top six in the Premier League, but the “white rose” Leeds United. Leeds United and Chelsea have won 30 games in total, while the Blues have only won 21 games and the two sides have drawn 18 games. However, after Leeds’ promotion back to the Premier League, the Blues have not lost in three meetings between the two sides. In the first round of the season, Chelsea beat Leeds 3-2 at home, but the process was very difficult. In the end, the Blues survived a dangerous period under Jorginho’s shot.

pre-match sound

The Blues have a new boss, Todd Burley. The American tycoon also watched the team’s game against Wolves, but in the end the team was mediocre. German coach Tuchel was very worried about the problems of the team, and even recalled the players to the training ground in advance, thus starting the preparations for the game with Leeds United in advance.

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When talking about the team’s fourth-round situation, Tuchel admitted that with each game the team lost, the fourth-round situation became more tense. “We are creating more and more difficulties for ourselves and the team needs to prepare for the game against Leeds and overcome a lot of difficulties.”

Highlights of this round

As we all know, the Red Devils of Leeds United and Manchester United are the mortal enemies of the Rose Derby, but in fact, Leeds United and Chelsea are also mortal enemies. In the 1970 FA Cup final, the two teams met on a narrow road, and the fans of the two teams clashed. In the end, the Blues won the championship through a rematch, and a beam between the two teams was formed.

Now Leeds United is trapped in the relegation zone, struggling to get ashore, the Blues’ top three positions are unstable, and they are trying to reverse the trend. Both teams desperately need a win, and they will be facing old foes from the past. The grievances of history and the demands of reality, such a game will inevitably make both sides envy to death.

Injury update

Now, Leeds United players are injured in a number of positions, with the exception of Luke Ayling, who has been suspended for a red card. Dallas, Somerville, Forshaw, Tyler Roberts and other players have been reimbursed for the season. In addition, the team striker Bamford, an ankle injury, which makes it difficult for him to catch up with the old club game.Also, Liam Cooper now has a knee injury but he could be available against Chelsea

Two Chelsea players are sure to miss out against Leeds: Left-back Chilwell suffered a mid-season knee injury, but Hudson-Odoi has yet to heal from a calf injury. In addition, Kante is slightly injured, so he may not be able to play in this game, while the Italian midfielder Jorginho, who is in poor condition and suspected of having psychological problems, may return to the team lineup in this game.

Predicted starter

Leeds United (4-2-3-1): Mellier / Firpo, Liam Cooper, Diego Llorente, Shackleton/http://10069.com/, Kleich/ Harrison, Rodrigo Moreno, Rafinha/Daniel James

Chelsea (3-4-3): Edouard Mendy/Marang Sarr, Rudiger, Chris

Tensen/Saul, Kovacic, Loftus-Cheek, Azpilicueta/Werner, Lukaku, Ziyech

Wolves vs Manchester City

Watching Tips

Competing time:May 12 (Thursday) 03:15

Pre-match trend

In the 33rd round of the Premier League, Manchester City will go to the away game against Wolves. At present, the Wolves are still expected to get a European place, and Manchester City is in the critical period of the championship, and the two teams are bound to start a fierce competition.

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After being eliminated from the Champions League by Real Madrid with an epic comeback earlier this month, Manchester City is now only one front in the league, and this is the only championship they have a chance to win this season. In the last round, Manchester City beat Newcastle United 5-0 at home, sweeping away the haze of being eliminated.

At present, Manchester City has 27 wins, 5 draws and 3 losses in 35 league games with 86 points, ranking first in the league and 3 points ahead of title rivals Liverpool, and their goal difference and goals after their big victory in the previous round. The number is overtaken by Liverpool, which will allow them to remain ahead of Liverpool even in the case of a tie.

Despite the FA Cup and Champions League defeats, Manchester City still maintains an excellent state in the league. Since losing to Tottenham in February, Manchester City has won 7 wins and 2 draws in the next 9 league games and remains unbeaten.

The Wolves have played steadily this season, always at the top of the standings, maintaining the competition for European qualifications, and still have a chance to advance to the Europa League and set the highest ranking in the Premier League era in team history.

At present, Wolves have 15 wins, 5 draws and 15 losses in 35 league games with 50 points, ranking 8th in the league, 5 points behind West Ham United with one game less, and 8 behind Manchester United, which is ranked 6th with two games less. point.

Since February, the Wolves have been in a state of ups and downs. They can beat Tottenham and draw with Chelsea, but they will also lose to relegation teams like Leeds United and Burnley. In the past 14 games, the Wolves had 5 wins, 1 draw and 8 losses. At present, the Wolves have been without a victory in 4 consecutive rounds, and suffered a three-game losing streak before the draw with Chelsea in the last round.

The two teams have played against each other 70 times in history, and the Wolves have achieved 27 wins, 15 draws and 28 losses, and the two teams are basically balanced. In the past 12 matches, the Wolves had 9 losses, 1 draw and 2 wins. However, the Wolves completed a double play against Manchester City in the league in the 2019-20 season. The two sides met in the first round of this season, and the Wolves lost 0-1 away to Manchester City.

List of highlights

In the past 4 rounds of the league, Manchester City has smashed 17 goals and only conceded 1 goal, and the state is quite terrifying. In stark contrast, Wolves have only scored 2 goals in the past 4 games, and have failed to keep a clean sheet in 6 consecutive games.

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Manchester City are currently scoring 89 goals in the league, conceding 21 goals, and winning 68 goals, all three of which lead the league.

Wolves have only conceded 34 goals this season, which is the fourth-fewest in the league, but at the same time, their 35 goals are also the fourth-lowest in the league.

pre-match sound

After the victory over Newcastle United last round, Guardiola told reporters: “A week ago, everyone in this country supported Liverpool to win the title, everyone, every media. Of course, Liverpool has a glorious history in Europe, not in the Premier League, They’ve only won the league once in the last 30 years, but that’s not a problem.

“That’s the way it is, we have to get nine points from the remaining three rounds, maybe six, depending on what happens next. Now we’re focused on Wednesday, which is a real final for us, We have to do our best to win. We have the initiative to fight for the title, we have to focus on ourselves, whether Liverpool get one or three points, we will not be shaken.”

For Evra’s remarks that Guardiola suppressed players’ personality, Guardiola personally responded at the pre-match press conference: “I don’t want (players have) personality? Well, I don’t agree, Patrice (Evra) )! I don’t play anymore, I need character and good players on the pitch, otherwise we won’t (success).”

Injury update

Manchester City’s defense has lost three generals, and Guardiola has previously confirmed that Kyle Walker, Stones and Ruben Dias have all been determined to be reimbursed for the season. In addition, Benjamin Mendy is still in custody on multiple charges including sexual assault. Everyone else can play.

For the Wolves, Semedo was injured in the game against Brighton at the end of April, and then underwent hamstring surgery. The main defender Gilman had an ankle ligament injury. Both of them have been determined to be reimbursed for the season. The injury is still recovering, and it is doubtful to play.

Predicted starter

Manchester City (4-2-3-1): Ederson/Zinchenko, Ake, Laporte, Cancelo/Gundogan, Rodri/Glarish, De Bruyne, Sterling /Jesus

Wolves (3-5-2): Jose-Sa/Seth, Cody, Boley/Aite-Nuri, Moutinho, Ruben-Neves, Dendonkel, Honni-Ka Stroh/Huang Xican, Raul JimenezReturn to Sohu, see more


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