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Racism: Vinicius posts videos of all cases, ‘it’s inhumane’ – Football

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Racism: Vinicius posts videos of all cases, ‘it’s inhumane’ – Football

“Every day away from home an unpleasant surprise. And there have been many this season. Death wishes, hanged puppets, criminal cries. All recorded. But the speech always falls into ‘isolated cases’, ‘a fan’. No, they are not isolated cases. They are continuous episodes scattered throughout the various Spanish cities (and also in a television programme).” After all the controversies relating to what happened last Sunday in Valencia, where the player received new racist insults, and the positions that followed, including that of the President of Brazil Lula, Vinicius Junior, to make it clear that fed up with the episodes of racism against him, he once again entrusts his thoughts to Instagram, in a post that also contains a video that is a ‘compilation’ of everything he has had to suffer this season in the various Spanish stadiums.

“The proof is in this video. Now I ask: how many of these racists have names and photos exposed on the net? I answer to make it easier: zero – the words of the Brazilian from Real Madrid – No one who tells a sad story or makes one of those fake ones public apology. What is needed to criminalize these people? And punish the clubs? Why don’t sponsors charge LaLiga? Why don’t televisions bother to broadcast this barbarity every weekend? The problem is very serious and communications no longer work”. “Not even blaming me to justify criminal acts. It’s not football, it’s inhumane,” concludes Vinicius Junior.

In Spain, meanwhile, four people were arrested as part of the investigation into the discovery at the end of January, in Madrid, of a hanged mannequin wearing Vinicius’ shirt, police said. These arrests come two days after fresh racist insults hurled at the Brazilian player during a Spanish soccer match sparked a wave of indignation in the country and abroad.

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