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Reform of the championships: the bellunesi of Prima and Promozione vote for the groups of 14 teams, but there will be the playoffs

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Reform of the championships: the bellunesi of Prima and Promozione vote for the groups of 14 teams, but there will be the playoffs


The Belluno companies of Promotion and Prima vote for the groups of 14 compared to those of 18. On the contrary, the Limana Cavarzano of Excellence is moving towards inclusion in an extra large group, including something like six midweek shifts. The 2022-2023 championships are slowly taking shape, waiting for the realignment to take place in 2023-2024 with the old numbers that mean groups of 16 teams. However, this solution was immediately adopted in Second.


The newly promoted Limana Cavarzano, therefore, is preparing to face a very tough championship, looking at the calendar. The majority of the clubs voted in favor of two groups overall, instead of the three of last year which, however, did not guarantee the same number of promotions in D. In this way, the first classified will be able to celebrate the jump in category without having to play the triangular promotion. However, this will cause groups of 18 or 19 teams to develop, while the solution to 20 is remote. Much will also depend on the possible repechage in D of Giorgione or Ambrosiana. Unlike the other regional tournaments, there is the constraint linked to the end date of the championship: end of April 2023. This is because the playoffs of the individual groups are then scheduled, which will send one team each to the national playoffs.

Having 34 or 36 games to play will result in six midweek shifts, equally divided between roundtrips and scheduled in the evening or afternoon.

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“The group at 14 is more convenient from a logistical point of view and less pressing in terms of calendar than the one at 18. It also leaves room for the dates of any recoveries”.

The opinion is shared by almost all the presidents or managers of the six companies participating in these two championships. Let’s talk in detail about Victor Fant (president Fiori Barp), Alessandro De Bona (ds Alpago), Carlo Giuliana (president Longarone Alpina), Mattia Capraro (ds Borgo Valbelluna) and Fabrizio Bassani (president Arsiè). The only answer to differ a little is that of Federico De Min (president Schiara), who does not mind «an 18-team championship, more complete than the last. In any case, it is also good at 14, as long as there is the inclusion of the playoffs ».

The two options on the table are in fact groups of 14 formations as in the championship just ended or of 18. In the first case the relegations would be four per group, of which two direct and the same through playout. In the second they would rise to five, of which three direct and two via playout. Midweek shifts would not be necessary, as there is no deadline by which to end the year as in Excellency: you can go until June 30, in short.


The Second, which will include sixteen groups of 16 teams, is moving towards a return to its ancient habits. At the moment there are eleven provincial teams who have the right to register for the championship: Agordina, Arten, Castion, Fulgor Farra, Gemelle, Juventina Mugnai, Lentiai, Nogarè, Ponte nelle Alpi, Sois, Sospirolese. However, the situation of Arten should be assessed, up to now with the market only open at the exit.

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First day on all fields Sunday 11 September. While the return of the playoffs is almost certain, great absentees of the season recently left behind. This reassurance comes directly from the regional councilor of the Lnd Veneto, Maurizio Giacomelli. It was an almost unanimous request from the clubs and should be accepted, barring surprises.

The lack of play-offs this year had in fact dissatisfied many clubs, as many found themselves playing the last few games without in fact any stimulus. Indeed, someone already took the field in March to honor the signature or a little more.

Maurizio Giacomelli, regional councilor of the FIGC


“They will almost certainly be reintroduced,” confirms the Belluno manager in the Veneto council, who then adds some indications on the formats proposed for the next championship.

«The Excellency has expressed by a large majority the preference regarding the two groups only, even if this will mean a greater number of matches in a more compressed period of time. In fact, by the end of April we must have concluded, leaving room for the playoffs. Now let’s see the choices of those who will face the Promotion and the First, knowing however the time frame in which to finish everything is wider than two months. The certainty is that next year the groups must return as they were structured before the pandemic ».


The formula of the Veneto Cup remains unchanged, even if the most numerous groups are preferred in Promotion and First. The Italian Cup of Excellence will change, precisely by virtue of the three Wednesdays to be played in the first leg and knowing that the regional phase of the event must usually be concluded within the first days of January. Probably opt for a more streamlined formula, with immediate knockout rounds instead of the usual quadrangles that usually open the season.

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Finally, Covid referrals will be made even less likely. There weren’t many in the last season, with the exception of the full block in January. However, we are moving towards more linear championships and with fewer and fewer recoveries set here and there over the months.

“A revision of the health protocol is being studied”, assures Giacomelli.

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