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Relegation Teams Score Points, Dalian Natives Left Behind: Xie Hui Blames Luck, Javier Raises Concerns

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Relegation Teams Score Points, Dalian Natives Left Behind: Xie Hui Blames Luck, Javier Raises Concerns

Title: All Three Relegation Teams Scored Points in Latest Chinese Super League Round

In the 15th round of the Chinese Super League, all three relegation-threatened teams managed to score points, leaving only the Dalian natives with an odd number of points. The results of the matches played on the evening of July 7th saw Qingdao Manatee draw 1-1 against Pingzhou Lions, Nantong Jiyun secure a 1-1 draw away against Tianjin Jinmen Tigers, and Meizhou Haka suffer a 3-1 defeat at the hands of Chengdu Rongcheng.

Prior to the 15th round, the bottom four positions in the league were occupied by Qingdao Manatee, Nantong Zhiyun, and Meizhou Hakka, all of whom were struggling to avoid relegation. However, these teams managed to defy expectations and score important points in this round, with Meizhou Hakka even securing all three points.

The only team to have a single-digit points tally so far this season is Dalian native, who faced a tough challenge against Shanghai Port on July 8th. Despite being the bottom-placed team, Dalian native has demonstrated resilience throughout the season, refusing to give up unlike some other teams in the Chinese Super League.

One of the factors contributing to Dalian native’s struggles has been the coordination mistakes made by coach Xie Hui in various games. Xie Hui’s decision to abandon certain players and make frequent changes to the starting lineup has raised eyebrows. With no standout foreign players in the squad, Dalian native heavily relies on the contributions of Tsonev and Bosangjic, who are the main forces within the team. Xie Hui’s unexpected choices and tactics have raised questions about his decision-making abilities.

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The relegation-threatened teams, Qingdao Manatee, Nantong Zhiyun, and Meizhou Hakka, all refuse to be the companions of Dalian native at the bottom of the league table. Unfortunately, luck was not on Dalian native’s side this round. Xie Hui acknowledged the strength of his opponents, particularly the Haigang team, in a press conference prior to the game. He expressed his hope for a wonderful performance from his players, emphasizing the need to show their strength and potentially surprise their opponents. Despite his optimistic comments, some fans criticized Xie Hui for not acknowledging the impact of his own substitutions and adjustments on the team’s performance.

On the other hand, Javier, the coach of Shanghai Port, remained cautious and respectful towards Dalian native. He recognized the team’s recent performances, including draws against Wuhan and Beijing Guoan, and stressed the importance of being fully prepared and energetic for the match. While Dalian native faced difficulties in scoring against Shanghai Port, Xie Hui wished the team good luck.

As the Chinese Super League continues, the Dalian native team and its supporters hope for better fortune in future games.

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