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Rome, the nice surprise is Karsdorp: play 45′ in a friendly, peace in sight?

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Rome, the nice surprise is Karsdorp: play 45′ in a friendly, peace in sight?

The Dutchman played once in the Cadiz match and seemed involved. He will try to place it elsewhere but …

by our correspondent Andrea Pugliese

Forty-five minutes, starting from the start. If there is a positive surprise in the total chaos of Roma who fell badly against the modest Cadiz, then that is precisely the presence of Rick Karsdorp, the outcast, the man that José Mourinho no longer wanted to see in yellow and red. “Look for another team”, said the Portuguese coach immediately after Sassuolo-Roma on 9 November last. And instead Karsdorp is still there, as is normal given that the market will reopen in January. But instead of being a body apart, he has returned to be part of the group.


Rick played the first 45 minutes of the friendly against Cadiz, also doing well on average, especially in terms of attitude, given that he seemed to have his mind on the match. In short, an involved player, not one with his mind already elsewhere. After all, Mourinho is currently studying him from this point of view. He wants to see the attitude, the attitudes in fact, the way of relating to the team, the teammates and the insiders (staff and employees). In short, his relationship with the world of Rome in general.


It is clear that what is happening these days between Trigoria and Algarve is not that it shifts the discussions for the future of the Dutch full-back by much. We will try to place him elsewhere, but it is obvious that this step is important to demonstrate to everyone that Karsdorp is still a player for Roma, with a very specific economic value (ten million euros, the valuation given by GM Tiago Pinto) . Marseille and Lille are interested, but Fulham are also thinking about it. In the next two weeks something could move in this sense. Of course Karsdorp will also play with Casa Pia and Rkc Waalwijk. To put it on display, but also to understand if there could be a future different from the current one.

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