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Scattered considerations after Inter-Milan (1-0)

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Scattered considerations after Inter-Milan (1-0)

Milan is still Nerazzurri, the Rossoneri are unrecognizable.

– A precise year after the derby that decided last season, the derby offers very different contents. If the fight for the Scudetto has already been killed by balls from Napoli, the situation behind the Neapolitans is different, where Inter are very fast and Milan are struggling to return to their levels. Pioli’s initial choices are dictated by necessity, but also by pressure from the whole environment, with the transition to a three-man defense which seems like a desperate attempt to field the little alternative that was tried out in training, but also to play it mirror and bet everything on duels. The evidence, however, is that the quality of the individuals is clearly in favor of the Nerazzurri and the match turns into an unequal clash, reminiscent of that between a team of European caliber and one fighting not to relegate;

– Still on the subject of the Rossoneri coach’s choices, one wonders where his incomprehensible aversion to Pobega comes from, to the point of preferring Messias in a role that he can’t even read on the slate and also towards Adlì, relegated to the third tier since the beginning of the season for no reason that can be understood from the outside. We all agree on the fact that the Rossoneri management has not made a transfer market as a team that won the Scudetto (someone expected otherwise, with this ownership?), but it is equally true that the coach has done very little to integrate the new signings, including the two returns from loans and above all to make us understand how much they are worth. Am I really worse than Krunic?;

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– The beginning of 2023 is marked clearly Lautaro Martinez. The Argentine, after winning the World Cup, seems to have definitively become that footballer who until now had only been glimpsed in flashes, alternating large periods with weeks in which he did not see the goal, to the point of making part of the fans waver, but in no way his admirers. Alongside a striker who takes charge of opening spaces, he knows how to be devastating with his physique, which allows him to become dangerous even with his head, despite a far from tall stature. His speed and technique make him a striker of the highest level, compared in his country to a sacred monster like Aguero, but above all this year he has turned into a real man-derby, punishing the Rossoneri once again after the Italian Super Cup;

– It is no coincidence that Milan are once again watchable with substitutions, in the second half, as if the game had really been prepared to “not take them” (or take as few as possible) in the first hour of play and then try to overturn it in the final . A re-edition of the cheerful “horto muso” mixed with a provincial attitude that definitively erased the good things done last year. To frame the game well, just think that the man of the match in Pioli’s team was the reviled Tatarusanu (except for a mistake in the second half), while the only one who stood out among the men of movement Thiaw;

– The shares of Simone Inzaghi, on the other hand, are skyrocketing, enjoying the “Stonks” of 2023, after being much criticized in the first part of the season, with a team that seems to be in excellent health, to the point of being able to afford to keep on the bench people like Brozovic and Lukaku. Speaking of the Belgian, even tonight after his entry he seems to have shown signs of life and it goes without saying that his contribution to the Nerazzurri cause could be fundamental, between now and the end of the season, not only for the race for second place in the standings, but also to try to repeat the Coppa Italia and continue the march in the Champions League, where at this point Porto does not seem like an insurmountable obstacle.

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