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«Second place is just the beginning. We will strengthen ourselves on the market to make a great Champions League”

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«Second place is just the beginning.  We will strengthen ourselves on the market to make a great Champions League”

«Dear Lazio fans», thus opens the letter that Claudio Lotito wanted to address to all the people of Lazio. From the columns of Lazio Style Magazine, the Lazio president retraced the great year that led to second place in the championship, the best result of his management: «we have reached the end of a season that I have no difficulty in defining extraordinary and that deservedly led to participation in the next Champions League. At the end of a championship full of exhilarating performances and great victories, the team finished in second place, after Napoli, the Italian champion: a fully deserved position, which we achieved with very strong determination and with all our strength. through a great teamwork of players, staff and managers and with the full merit of the technical guidance of Maurizio Sarri».


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«A Lazio that touches the peaks, just like our eagle, symbol of Imperial Rome», continued Lotito, «as always forgotten by the great commentators of the beginning of the year, those of the easy bets and the discounted grids, Lazio has unquestionably placed among the “big”, thanks to a Championship always played head-on.

During the sports season, the team managed to “line up” all the big teams at least once, who could also count on different starting budgets than ours». Many seasonal matches dear to the president: «The victory with Inter at the beginning of the championship, the great affirmation of Bergamo, the triumph at home with Milan, the heartfelt victory in Rome with Juventus, the solid performance against Napoli launched towards the title…and of course the two derbies won which sanctioned supremacy in the Capital, with indisputable affirmations in the game and in the result».

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However, Lotito does not only look to the past, but projects himself into the future, also giving guarantees on the market: «This Lazio knows how to excite and the challenge has only begun. Now we have to stay among the greats, demonstrate that this project has started. The strengthening of the squad has borne fruit and will continue without uncertainties. I can say the same about the corporate one, with the aim of structuring all sectors of Lazio in a European dimension. The youth sector is returning to the expected levels: Primavera, deservedly promoted to the top flight, will play the prestigious Youth League as a result of the first team’s placement in the Champions League».

Lotito’s attention is also directed to off-pitch initiatives: «Lazio too in recent months has not failed to pay attention to social initiatives, in line with its values: last but not least, the one for bone marrow donors in the name by the unforgettable Sinisa Mihajlovic». He wanted to dedicate a separate chapter to the love bath he received against Cremonese, in a sold out Olimpico to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the historic triumph in the Italian Cup against Roma: «We celebrated many anniversaries together, like a big family: on 26 May, for example, ten years after the most important Coppa Italia, an Olympian full of love and generations from Lazio greeted the heroes of the recent past and celebrated the most present player in Biancocelesti history, our Stefan Radu, in a ceremony thrilling for everyone.”

«We are therefore projecting ourselves immediately to next season, with courage and confidence», concluded the president, «it will be a great year, still under the guidance of Maurizio Sarri. Yesterday we opened the season ticket campaign “Essere Lazio” and we hope to register a lot of enthusiasm from you. I’d like to see you alongside the team since Auronzo’s retirement. We will always play to win, we will fight for top positions. And, above all, we will play in the Champions League, Lazio fans. Happy summer to you all”.

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