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Serie A, Karsdorp wants another chance: Roma evaluates and rehabilitates him for the transfer market

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Serie A, Karsdorp wants another chance: Roma evaluates and rehabilitates him for the transfer market

The Dutch full-back appeared reinstated, not only with his teammates but also with the coaching staff. He played an entire friendly and is aiming for a new occasion in yellow and red. The company studies what to do: support him with Celik or monetize with a sale

From our correspondent Andrea Pugliese

To fully understand where we are going, we will obviously have to wait a couple more weeks and the opening of the January transfer market. Only there will it be understood what the final fate of Rick Karsdorp will be. In the meantime, however, in Roma’s Portuguese retreat there is one certainty: the Dutchman is no longer a foreign body, he is not detached from the group or the technical staff. In short, Karsdorp has returned to all intents and purposes to be part of Roma. And also good, one might say, to see how much desire he puts into training.

At work

In the two friendlies played so far in Portugal Karsdorp started against Cadiz, playing the entire first half, and then watching for the full 90 minutes against Casa Pia. Tomorrow, in the third match scheduled against the Dutch side of Rkc Waalwik should be back on the pitch and who knows if it will really be his last time in the yellow and red shirt or not. What is certain is that the Dutchman put in the desire and effort this week in Albufeira, also receiving compliments from the coaching staff. In short, Rick is doing everything to move up positions and maybe even earn another chance with Roma. Which then, on balance, would also be better for the club, without having to go who knows where to find another right-back to support Celik (unless you then want to move Zalewski permanently there, going forward with Spinazzola and Vina on the left). In short, the ascent that previously seemed like something very distant is now a little more conceivable than before. It being understood that Mourinho has been clear on the subject and – at least publicly – has never taken a step back. In the event that a decision is made in January to separate from the Dutchman, in the meantime Roma are rehabilitating him, demonstrating to the whole world that he is still a football player. And that he can stay in Rome and that if he were to leave, an economic adjustment will also be needed. That’s also why the last to come forward, Ajax, will eventually have to change the formula. The Dutch, in fact, would like Karsdorp on loan, with a right of redemption, but Roma will only let him leave in the event of a sale. Difficult to reach the ten million that Tiago Pinto is asking for, but we know how the negotiations go, we ask for something more and then settle for the right amount. Meanwhile, however, Karsdorp continues to work and sweat. Hoping to be able to go back again and change his future. Remaining in yellow and red, of course.

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