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Serie A: Monza beat Sampdoria, equalized on penalty after 98′ – Football

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Serie A: Monza beat Sampdoria, equalized on penalty after 98′ – Football

Monza -Sampdoria 2-2 THE REPORT on the 21st day of Serie A


Al 90+8′ GOAL! MONZA-Sampdoria 2-2! Pessina network. Execution of the perfect penalty by the Monza captain who gives the home team a draw. Left footed on one side, Audero on the other: 2-2 and the match ended after the goal by the midfielder from Brianza.

Al 58′ Monza-SAMPDORIA 1-2! Gabbiadini network. Perfect insertion of Murru on the left and a cross with a kiss for Leris with a header. Whiplash on which Di Gregorio performs a miracle, but Gabbiadini’s tap-in (for him so far) with an empty net makes everything in vain. Stankovic’s team takes the lead again.

Al 32′ MONZA-Sampdoria 1-1! Petagna network. Monza’s reaction that builds an excellent offensive action from right to left. On the left-handed side, the usual Carlos Augusto puts a perfect ball in the middle for the red and white ram. Petagna defends the ball against Nuytinck and immediately turns with his left foot to beat Audero.

At 12′ Monza-SAMPDORIA 0-1! Gabbiadini network. Lammers throws from the back for the cut behind the defense of Gabbiadini who, having won the duel in speed with Caldirola, strikes Di Gregorio with his left foot. Dorian advantage in Monza


A 5-game fast of goals, a quartet of consecutive defeats and an imperative need: to go back to scoring points to keep hoping. A dream cradled until the 98th minute, for Sampdoria, before Pessina’s penalty which re-established the draw and frozen Sampdoria’s hopes of victory in the freezing Brianza evening. Stankovic’s team seemed to have chosen Monza to give back to success, with Manolo Gabbiadini on his second brace in Serie A and 40% of the Dorian goals this championship. At the U-Power Stadium, the match that Raffaele Palladino had defined as the most difficult ends 2-2. Knowing how dangerous a Sampdoria wounded by the standings and corporate uncertainties could have been. And knowing, above all, that lowering the tension was the main temptation of him. So much so that the balance was broken by the Dorians on the pitch: in the 12th minute, a long throw from Lammers’ trocar, Caldirola was outflanked by Gabbiadini, who was good at getting her past and beating Di Gregorio.

It’s hunger that makes the difference: Samp is aggressive, Monza prefers foil to saber, with the result that it’s the Ligurians who hurtthe. Colley, on the field due to an injury to Gunter’s adductor during the warm-up, starts and concludes a restart which Di Gregorio opposes with a low hold. The field and more than 2,200 Doriani fans in Brianza push the guests, who have the ball to double: Leris puts it in the middle for Gabbiadini, almost helped by a detour from Marì. Fear wakes up Monza: right-left action, Carlos serves Petagna, control bypassing Nuytinck and left for equal. Petagna would also have the ball to double: Mota gets screened in the area by Amione, on the rebuttal Palladino’s 37 finds Nuytinck who sacrifices himself. And who then anticipates Mota in his own area, served by Caros for what would have been the easiest of doubles. What Augello does, in the first exchanges of the second half, deserves more: left foot on the fly from a cross by Leris and a winger who turns a few centimeters from the far post. But they are the general rehearsal of doubling: Murro takes the back left, crosses for the head of Winks and Di Gregorio must be overcome to reject wide. Where, however, Gabbiadini is ready for the tap-in that is worth overtaking. Monza changes, tries to surround Sampdoria with crosses, but the Ligurians defend themselves in order. Up to the eighth of recovery, two over the 6 granted, with Petagna landed in the area by Murru: Pessina, from the left-footed spot, displaces Audero and restores the draw. Game over, the Dorian dream as well.

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