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Silvio Berlusconi, the last interview with Sky Sport. Video

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Silvio Berlusconi, the last interview with Sky Sport.  Video

Silvio Berlusconi’s last interview with Sky Sport is dated February 17, 2023, on the eve of Monza-Milan, his derby. In the long chat with Peppe Di Stefano and Manuele Baiocchini, Berlusconi retraced his past as a victor, champions and emotions


“Milan in the heart for dad”

“Milan is my favorite team, I used to go to see Milan matches with my dad, I’ve always had Milan inside me. All my life I’ve had dreams that seemed impossible to everyone. When I took Milan I wanted Milan to become the strongest team in the world and I succeeded. I won everything. And looking back on everything we’ve done, I still feel a little bit of pride inside…”

The anecdote from Athens 1994

“I have a strong memory of 1994: we had won the Scudetto and I was in Rome, in the Senate, to ask for confidence in the Government. I wasn’t able to see the final in Athens, Galliani called me while there was a vote for confidence and he told me we had won 4-0, two goals from Massaro and goals from Savicevic and Desailly, playing very well. I said to him: ‘when shall we meet?’. And he: ‘if you want, I’ll take a plane and come tonight for dinner’. He is come… “

My samples

There are many players that Berlusconi brought and raised at Milan. To many of them he was still attached: “I love Maldini very much, he is the son and father of Milan players. I love many of my Milan. Gullit, Van Basten… The greatest? Baresi. Fantastic player, man of absolute honesty, loved and respected by everyone, even by the adversaries”.

Ibra and Leo

Berlusconi in that interview also spoke of two protagonists of today’s Milan: “Ibra is a champion and a leader. He is charismatic. In addition to being a footballer who I respect, he is also a friend of mine and therefore long live Ibra, you can play as long as he wants and as long as his body allows him. I like Leao and he fits me. nice, for me he can also play as a centre-forward”.

The difference between Milan and Monza

“Milan and Monza are two different things. I like Monza, I’m happy when it wins, I clap my hands, it excites me. But it hasn’t entered my heart yet. I didn’t take him not for football, but because I admire the Brianza reality and because I thought that after 110 years it wasn’t right for Monza to remain in Serie D. I helped the then owners to climb to C, then we took him with Galliani: we won C, we won B and we went to A. I revealed my dream to the players (the Scudetto, ed). They looked at me perplexed, but it’s another dream that adds to the big dreams of my life, all of which have come true. Now Monza fans feel the ambition to have their team participate in Serie A. And if one day we were to win the Scudetto too, we would have to go and play at San Siro…”


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