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Simmons Nets debut surprise limited court feels bad without missing shots – yqqlm

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Simmons Nets debut surprise limited court feels bad without missing shots – yqqlm

Original title: Simmons Nets debut surprise limited court feeling still bad without missing shots

On October 4th, Beijing time, the Brooklyn Nets lost to the Philadelphia 76ers 108-127 at home, and they lost the first game of the preseason. Ben Simmons made his debut with the Nets. As a result, he played 19 minutes and scored 6 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists and 1 steal, and made 0 of 2 free throws.

With much anticipation, the Nets’ new Big Three ushered in their “fit” debut in the preseason.

But frankly speaking, after the whole game, the result of the game and the look and feel of the Nets’ actual battle did not meet the expectations of the outside world.

Of the Big Three, of course, the one who gets the most attention is Ben Simmons. Since he joined in the middle of last season, Simmons has been recovering from injuries. In May of this year, he underwent surgery to repair his lower back injury. Therefore, his state after his return has naturally become a big question mark. Of course, in addition to personal status, whether Simmons can form a tacit understanding with Durant and Irving is also a major focus.

And today’s preseason, these questions have a preliminary answer.

To be sure, Simmons Field, which hasn’t played in more than a year, doesn’t feel like much has been lost. His ability to handle the ball, handle the ball, his court observation, and his mobility and movement as a top defensive lineman didn’t take much to lose either.

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In the offense, Simmons switched between with the ball and without the ball very smoothly. Applying Durant’s post-match evaluation, Bensi quickly overcame the tension of the long-lost battle after the opening, and his willingness to cooperate with his teammates is very strong. . In the early part of the first quarter, he could sprint without the ball and become the arrow of the Nets’ fast break. After receiving a pass from Irving, he hit the Nets’ first goal with a dunk. In the second quarter, he could receive Durant without the ball again, and then scored easily after receiving a feed from KD.

These two goals fully reflect Bensi’s excellent sense of position and his sense of movement that is higher than ordinary people. With super scorers like Irving and Durant attracting firepower, in future games, Bency will also have the opportunity to score easily in actual combat.

Simmons played equally well during the possession period, with five assists in the game, the highest on the team. In the regular offensive round, Nash will also intentionally arrange for Simmons to hold the ball and let him share the offensive pressure on Durant and Irving.

In addition, in the scoring period of the second quarter, Nash also tried the limit of small lineup. He put Benxi in the role of the organization center for a short time, trying to further stimulate his so-called “positional ambiguity”. From the actual combat point of view, This attempt also worked well. But in the second half, for the purpose of protecting the players, Simmons, like Durant and Irving, did not appear again, and the three of them clocked in and got off work in advance.

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Of course, after talking about the advantages, Simmons’ disadvantages don’t seem to have changed much either. During the game, Simmons’ shooting skill package was still not developed, and the only two free throws in the game were regretted. You must know that Nash has been training Simmons’ free throws for some time in the past. As a sharp shot with a career free throw rate of more than 90%, his guidance has not been effective for the time being, which is somewhat disappointing.

Simmons’ lack of single-point offensive ability also led to the Nets’ complete passivity in the first quarter against the 76ers. And the line of sight comes to the defensive end. Although Simmons is motivated enough, his echo and tacit understanding with his teammates is far from enough. Among them, the Nets scored 42 points by the 76ers in the first quarter is proof.

After a depressing season + a frantic offseason, the Nets finally waited for a complete lineup, and finally for Simmons’ debut. Bency’s debut, however, struggled to get high marks. After all, in the 19 minutes he played, the skill pack he should have is still there, but the inherent flaws have not changed in the slightest, and he has not created a real surprise and a bright feeling. And in the future, he still has a long way to go, whether it is running in with Durant, Irving and other teammates, or polishing his personal skills… (Poirot)Return to Sohu, see more


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