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Sparta will pay 200,000 crowns for the spectators on the field after the match with Pilsen

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Sparta will pay 200,000 crowns for the spectators on the field after the match with Pilsen

The match between Sparta and Pilsen had to be interrupted by the referee Stanislav Volek in the 84th minute, because dozens of fans behind one of the goals, where the “boiler” is located, climbed from the stands to the sideline. The referee preferred to end the match immediately after the 90th minute, and several thousand fans ran onto the field in euphoria.

“When discussing the amount of the penalty, the Disciplinary Committee of the League Football Association took into account that the events at the stadium were related to and were influenced by the title celebration. However, the match was accompanied by a number of serious incidents with very serious consequences. Sparta fans massively used pyrotechnics during the match and also entered before the end of the match into the area of ​​the field, which caused the match to be interrupted for almost four minutes,” said Richard Baček, chairman of the disciplinary committee.

“Last but not least, during the celebrations after the final whistle, when thousands of fans entered the pitch directly, several people were injured. The intervention of the emergency services was necessary, which also had to treat injuries caused by pyrotechnics, and in several cases people had to be transported to the hospital “, said Baček.

It is here! Sparta lifted the cup for the league champion. Letná is celebrated wildlyVideo: Sport.cz

Zlín received a fine of 80 thousand crowns. His supporters interrupted the match for more than three minutes in the rematch play-off for the first league on the Vyškov pitch due to the use and throwing of pyrotechnics on the playing field in Drnovice, and they also committed rioting.

Ostrava will pay 50,000 crowns due to the behavior of the fans in the match of the 5th round of the superstructure group for rescue against Pardubice. The East Bohemians were fined 30,000 for the same in the opening play-off duel in Příbram.

Brno and Bohemians will pay 40,000 crowns for the behavior of the fans in the last matches of the superstructure against Zlín, respectively. Olomouc. Their fans were guilty not only of using pyrotechnics, but also of entering the playing field after the end of the match. Slavia was fined 30,000 crowns for breaching the organizer’s obligations in the final round against Slovácko.

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